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1 Star


1.5 Stars

don't let the gorgeous cover fool you! as spring rain

2 Stars

wonderland_volume_5-gregory_raven-30449518-2069220791-frntl Duende The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To wither 81W48sIDyrL the long journey home

2.5 Stars

wonderland_volume_5-gregory_raven-30449518-2069220791-frntl 23356758 Duende The Authorized Ender Companion the long journey home city of roses

3 Stars

cover62211-medium 22877491 21874749 91xq6F5sp8L._SL1500_ Android-Angels STK648460 onceUponTime NaiveGuysPaperback.indd 22884653 21433250 Omni A Neophyte’s Tale the dragon's curse city of roses

3.5 Stars

9789998887776 22877491 21874749 f0736a71b83910e2d464aa4b7c56dada onceUponTime 21433250 A Neophyte’s Tale the ark

3.75 Stars

Book-1-Printing-MARCH2015-525x8_02 AnikiJoutou10792 n362331 23250725 7644545 ATOTM_softcover 4-6-11 I-am-J 91v-XCQ4RBL._SL1500_ Alien Love losing ground

4 Stars

Travels with Penny Ghost DMP_Antique_Bakery_V1 16010093 Henni-cover-06 AnikiJoutou10792 The Memory of Blood and Lotuses3 81QF7k+C9ZL._SL1500_ 19162047 23250725 22074407 51JS59dj+QL FrontCoverLatest600px 21413938 23298383 i191199 12415198 7644545 Little dancers   A1l303MiRlL._SL1500_ 91v-XCQ4RBL._SL1500_ The Normal Heart Alien Love trees 25886021 losing ground dreadful

4.5 Stars

16098198 a1648-the-daring-assigment 20659368 Endimion 2940014965798_p0_v1_s260x420 mercysprisoner6x9 v1frontcover series cover set The Memory of Blood and Lotuses3 23721373 cover56845-medium Print 17900911 9781449414559_frontcover 22747375 51hK5K1S-XL intowind Unhinged (1) in despair masks and mirrors TAME A WILD HUMAN trees dreadful

5 Stars

51LXzmeksWL 9503236 13640681 bertolucci_tigre_cvr13101579104e176c56432ca 9781569707173 91teWsh7MaL._SL1500_ 22130073 Print 23007383 Peter-And-Max-A-Fables-Novel repossessed 71tJbDui5cL MAKIKO BOOK COVER front final blurb History of the World in 1,000 Objects In Search of Lost Dragons

5+ Stars

The Elf and Shoemaker 25201177 12book"The Song of Achilles" by Madeline Miller 18602075 Prosperity 297960 Doomboy-Sandoval etta-and-otto-and-russell-and-james-9781476755670_lg   40829780981971452_dpk The Left Hand of Darkness


gay-good-240 21410043


9781940598444 satellite sam




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