[Graphic Novel Review] In Search Of Lost Dragons

In Search of Lost Dragons

Elian Black’Mor , M Carine Jezequel , Hannah Elder , Jason Ullmeyer , Rodolfo M

What rating would you give it?
5 of 5 Stars

Give us a summary.

(Taken from Goodreads)
Gorgeous full-color paintings, accompanied by a unique story of world-wide exploration and dragon encounters! On the trail of dragons forgotten, an intrepid illustrator and reporter journeys from Europe through the Middle East and finally to Saigon in search of the dark caverns and mountaintop perches where the elusive winged serpents dwell. With the gift of seeing the invisible, our explorer friend records each encounter in a journal of gorgeous, fully painted artwork, capturing every majestic and fearsome visual detail of the scaly behemoths, and accompanies his findings with snippets of local lore as evidence that these hidden beasts continue to shape the world in ways we may never expect!

What did you think of the book?

So. DRAGONS. How could you expect this book to be anything less than AWESOME?

In Search of Lost Dragons is basically a field journal, but it’s done in really creative way – which I LOVE.

It’s kinda like what you’d imagine a field scientist or creature photographer would have if they were searching for dragons instead of lions and tigers and bears.

The illustrations were stunning. I love me some black and white, pencil drawings any day. Color is all fine well and good and all, but a stellar pencil drawing, good shading technique, and lots of smudging can mean all the difference in the world. ❤

I would say however, that this book – unless available in full spread pages – NEEDS TO BE IN PRINT FORM. An ebook copy just won’t do it justice, as I found while looking at the ARC I received from NetGalley. Because the pages were broken up, it seemed disjointed and the full effect was lost. Granted, IF the pages were viewable as full two-page spreads, everything would have been JUST FINE, which is why I’m saying for the finished piece, it needs to be in print or viewable as I previously mentioned.

A great reference, inspiration book on dragons that I think any dragon lover would want to have on their shelves! I know I  certainly do~

(Gods, this book is stunning!)

Any warnings you wish to make for your readers?

None that I can think of.

Does it count towards any reading challenges?

As usual, yes. However it ended up working towards one challenge I wasn’t expecting. It fits #11 Epistolary Fiction for The Eclectic Reader. It also fits all of these:

Would you recommend this book?

I loved it, but I think unless you really like these sorts of books, for the sort of pseudo-scientific aspect of it… then… well… you might not. But if you love dragons, are an creature or concept artist, enjoy guidebooks, infobooks, and the like… then this book is DEFINITELY for you!


Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Publication Date: Decemeber 2014
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 224
Genre & Themes: Dragon Mythos, Fantasy, Art,
Graphic Novels, Sequential Art, Design
Full Color Paintings, DRAGONS!!
Age: Young Adult or Adult (I guess?)
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Provided by NetGalley
Challenge2015 Good Reads Reading Challenge (60),
52 Books in 52 Weeks, You Read How Many Books?,
2015 Monthly Motifs & Keyword Reading Challenge,
Read A Million Pages105 Reading Challenge,
NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge,
2015 Graphic Novel and Comic Reading Challenge,
Ethereal 2015

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