[Manga Series Review/TBBR] Claymore (27 volumes)

297960Claymore (27 Volumes)

(Claymore series, #1-27)

Norhiro Yagi

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WARNING: Some spoilers ahead… can’t be helped!

Right now I’m reviewing this long-ass series as a whole, but MAYBE at a much MUCH later date, I’ll review it individually… book by book.

For starters, can I say: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! O__O What an incredible run that was! I started reading this series back in high school man. HIGH SCHOOL. That was over a decade ago! (Man am I dating myself here… @__@;;; ) The first book came to the U.S. in 2002, right when I started my first year. The first book blew my mind and the last one broke my heart (just a little). Besides the unforgettable (though slightly unsatisfying) ending, it was also ME saying goodbye to an era. This was one of those series I thought would never end, and hoped never would.

Unrealistic, I know, and I knew it every time I finished reading a chapter, waiting for the next serial to publish and the next, and the next, believing there would always BE a next.


I’ve pretty much grown up with characters. Claire, Theresa, Miria, Deneve, Raki… and yes–even Priscilla. I can’t imagine what I’m gonna do now that they’re all… gone.

*already has a plan in motion to reread the whole thing from start to around the time of Isley and then stop so I can pretend that everyone survived this tale and they’re all still out there fighting somewhere… oblivious to the truth, BUT ALIIIIIVE!*


“Yup. That’s the plan!”

What can I say? The characters, plot, world-building, delivery, GORGEOUS FUCKING ART–the whole shebang was impeccable, flawless, phenomenal! I haven’t a complaint to give (except that it’s over T________T)

This entire series is just filled with artpron. I mean…
















Asdfghjjkljbvcfdhfdds hhjkiugfdssawfvbikkkggdsawthguknhfrzwwftbik

For the artwork alone, you gotta love this series. Every page is precisely balanced with a perfect art-to-dialogue ratio. The full and double page spreads are INSANE. Primarily female cast KICKS. ASS. and gets things done and SURVIVES under seriously messed up, un-winnable situations because they are CLAYMORES and Claymores rock. End of story.


Other volumes?

At some point you'll be able to click the covers to be sent to my review of each book. Whenever I decide to write them, of course.

297960 claymore2 claymore3 claymore4 claymore5

claymore6 claymore7 claymore8 claymore9 claymore10

claymore11 claymore12 claymore13 claymore14 claymore15

claymore16 claymore17 claymore18 claymore19 claymore20

claymore21 claymore22 claymore23 claymore24 claymore25

claymore26 claymore27

Summarize the series in a sentence or two.

Fantastic, kick-ass girls with big swords packed with insane amounts of action and gore; a dark, gruesome, and savage world; tragic back-stories; killing of comrades; getting killed by comrades; human experimentation which leads to really cool powers and really fucked up, out of their minds wack-jobs; MONSTERS; did I already mention MONSTERSSSSSSS???; a load of mystery (as to who and why the Organization exists and what it wants); and MAJOR CHARACTER DEATHS! (Yes I did just say deathS, as in PLURAL. But it’s not that bad. Well. It kinda is. But it isn’t. You’ll have to read to understand.)

And yes. That IS one sentence. XD

Would you recommend this book?



For anyone looking for a new long series to get hooked on, I would avidly recommend and suggest Claymore for the job. It has horror elements (both psychological and physically graphic), fantasy, science fiction, action/adventure, suspense, and drama all rolled up in one. There’s even a tiny inkling of… can I use romance as a category? Maybe not. But there is strong emphasis on family and what makes a family. There is love and loss and gain and further loss. But it is all worth it. You will not be sorry to have known this series, and it will enhance your thoughts… and your life.

Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC, Shueisha
Publication Date: 2002 – 2014
Format: paperback
Pages: collectively? I haven’t a clue
Genre: Manga, Shounen Manga,
Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction, Horror,
Demons, Human Experimentation, Gore,
Strong Female Protagonists (+Cast),
Action/Adventure, Mystery
Age: Teen – Young Adult – Adult
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Bought (every single copy 😈 )
Challenge: 2014 Good Reads Reading Challenge (100)

3 thoughts on “[Manga Series Review/TBBR] Claymore (27 volumes)

  1. Anastasia says:

    I started reading Claymore because I found it on some errr illegal page in epub form and then errr partly illegally downloaded it to my reader. Anyways, I thought it was a bit odd and then I somehow ended in book 15. Just great hooking series!! 🙂 Only that I wasn’t aware that it had finished! Good thing it’s holidays still ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • amomentsilence says:

      Oh yeah, that’s fine, I totally know what you mean. When I couldn’t wait to get the next book myself I would often go ahead and find it from certain manga sites or p2p as well. I always bought the book once it came out, but yeah. XD You should definitely get back into Claymore again! It gets really interesting plotwise in the second half of the series where they learn the whole point to all this and why there are Yoma and Claymores and Awakened Beings in the first place. And of course, who and what The Organization really is. 😈

      The series just finished a couple months ago, so you didn’t miss it by much! But now that it is done, you might want to marathon it, maybe? Yes/Yes??? XD



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