Books ‘N Tunes #6: Tame A Wild Human

Welcome back to another installment of my Books ‘N Tunes Reading Challenge!

This week is actually something of a repeat as I’ve got nearly an entire playlist ready for this one, too. Difference is… well… YOU’LL SEE.

And, also like last week, my review of this book is much more rant than review. BUT IT’S NECESSARY. Read it. You will understand.

Tame A Wild Human
by Kari Gregg

Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Publication Date: January 2015
Format: ebook, ARC
Pages: 80
Genre: M/M Erotica/Porn, QUILTBAG /
LGBTQUIA, Dark Themes & Dark Fiction,
rape, gangrape, humilation, sexual
humilation, lots and lots of sex, non-con,
stockholm sydrome, abuse, explicit savage
violence, hatefucking, psychological breaking,
psychological and sexual training,
objectification, abduction, drugging, dystopia,
paranormal, dark fantasy, torture, D/S,
dominance & submission, heavy kink,
degradation, deep-throating, gagging, throat
rape, master & pet, pet training, inter-species,
captivity, sexual torture, pleasure slave,
spanking, forced seduction, confinement,
pain&pleasure, bondage, murder
Age: Adult (EXPLICIT)
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Provided by NetGalley
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2015 LGBT Reading Challenge (MM),
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(synopsis taken from Publisher)

Drugged, bound, and left as bait on the cusp of the lunar cycle, Wyatt Redding is faced with a terrifying set of no-win scenarios. Best case: he survives the coming days as a werewolf pack’s plaything and returns to the city as a second-class citizen with the mark—and protection—of the pack. Worst case: the wolves sate their lusts with Wyatt’s body, then send him home without their protection, condemning him to live out the rest of his short life as a slave to the worst of humanity’s scorn and abuse.

Wyatt’s only chance is to swallow every ounce of pride, bury his fear, and meekly comply with every wicked desire and carnal demand the wolf pack makes of him. He expects three days of sex and humiliation. What he doesn’t expect is to start enjoying it. Or to grow attached to his captor and pack Alpha, Cole.

As the lunar cycle ends, Wyatt begins to realize that the only thing to fear more than being sent home without the pack’s protection is being sent home at all.


Summarize in a word?:


Reasoning: This could easily be 2 or 5 Stars because of how weirdly jfkndlajkdaln it is


. . .

I… have SO MANY WORDS for this book, it’s not even funny.

Nasty, lustful, unapologetic rape fantasy, wolf gangbang with not a trace of romance to be found in this depraved piece of kinky guilty pleasure. This book is pure, hardcore erotica at it’s best. Which means –  quite frankly – it’s not for everyone.

Even after all this time, I *still* don’t know what star rating to give this one. On one hand, this was definitely a guilty, filthy, delicious pleasure for me. On the other, I… I just couldn’t.

I think… I just simply won’t star this one.

Yeah. Yeah that sounds like a good plan to me. o__________o

Because if I did I would have to give it both a 1 AND 4.5 star rating for being both utterly disturbing and purely PWP, but also HOT. Like.. really… REALLY HOT. Would I buy this for myself? HELL YES. Did I have moments of “WTF?!” …HELL YES. Did I like it?  … HELL. FRIGGIN’. YES.

I think my biggest problem with this book is… that god-awfully misleading cover. I mean, it looks like your typical gay wolf shifter romance book with flowers and kisses and hugs and sweet caresses – which is SOOO not what this atrocious, 80-pager of a guilty pleasures is.



I would even go so far as to complain to the publisher to get that cover changed because… Good GODS, so many people are going to be traumatized by this book thinking it’s something it really, REALLY isn’t.

Tame A Wild Human is in no way a romance. Let me make this VERY CLEAR. This is… this is Stockholm syndrome + drugged up coercion + psychological breaking = “I’ll do whatever you want just make me feel good and don’t kill me pleasepleasePLEASE.” ._____. That’s what this is.

And lots of sex.

Because… well… SEX.

That’s really about it.

To describe the book in a quote from its pages:

“You need a dick in this ass, human. A lot of dicks. Fortunate for you that you’ll be fucked in abundance. Now shut up.”

It is an unreserved hardcore gangbang porno, primal and depraved, and unapologetically nasty. It’s sole purpose is to get you off, not make you swoon with pretty words or melt the frigid cold of one’s heart. There is no world-building, no relationship development, no character development, no plot or storyline besides a couple lines to explain why all this shit is happening. Then it’s repeated raping, gangraping, drugging, and more raping, humiliation and carnal degradation until it comes to its conclusion. Of more sex.

And some “Good boy *patpat* I think I’ll keep you because you haven’t displeased me yet.”

Yup. That’s it. End story. Move right along.

The best part about it was the intensity of the sex. What do you call it? The “heat level,” I believe? Yeah. That shit was THROUGH THE ROOF. It was erotic as all hell. You could slowly fall into the submission of Wyatt (the main character) as he began to give in, as the drugs began to do their work and rewire his brain, as he began to… want it. It was watching like the downward spiral of an addict as they go from clean, never touched a thing before to wanting their hourly fix or bump or hit again and again and again.

It was shameful. It was a debauchery. It was really good. It was like being possessed for a short 80-pages of your life.

This is why I can’t give it a rating, why even writing up a review is hard. Because it’s soooo WRONG, and yet really, REALLY good. I wonder if this is like what it feels like to be a devote Catholic or Christian when they say they’re wrestling with good and evil?

Yeah. Yeah this might just qualify for such a statement.



As to any warnings I would give…

SO MANY. SADFGHULJKHFDG Uhh… okay, first off crazy all over the place trigger warning for this entire book. I would not let anyone read this book unless they fully knew what they were getting themselves into.

So to recap, we’ve got: rape, gangrape, humiliation, sexual humiliation, lots and lots of sex, non-con, Stockholm syndrome, abuse, explicit savage violence, hatefucking, psychological breaking, psychological and sexual training, objectification, abduction, drugging, torture… and that’s just in the first few pages.

Now I know someone people consider this book BDSM, but… I really, REALLY do not consider this BDSM. D/s? Okay. I’ll give you that. This is a wolf hierarchy here. But BDSM? I mean, from my albeit limited understanding of the BDSM world… even then there are rules. And both participants want what is happening. So it’s consensual, even if it’s fantasy rape/non-con/abduction/whathaveyou. It’s a FANTASY and thus something both want to enjoy and participate in. No matter how dangerous it can get.

But this book?

This book is about actual viciously repeated rape, abduction, drugging, gangbanging and whatnot where the main guy who this is happening to ISN’T EVEN GAY, he’s NOT into BDSM or anything even close to any of this, is only doing this because he DOES NOT WANT TO DIE, HAS NEVER HAD SEX WITH A GUY BEFORE, and furthermore is being fucked – repeatedly – in order to be BROKEN, not pleasured or because he wants it. But because the wolves fucking him do not see him as anything more than a hole to be used to sate their desire and – at best – an unfortunate, wicked creature to be molded into their perfect fucktoy.

Ta-da! 😀


I’m gonna be over here if you need me. Yeah. Over here.

Please. For all that is good and holy, do not read this book unless you are absolutely sure you want to, are reading it as fantasy porn, or are really fucked up in the head like I am and was CURIOUS after reading a review much like this one and ended up love-hating it as I do now. T_____T

I should feel bad about enjoying this book, but today is not that day.



Would I recommend?

I would recommend this book ONLY IF you are looking for a really hot ‘n kinky with no plot whatsoever, but HOT, non-con scenes and hurt-comfort-Stockholm-syndrome, weirdest-boner-right-now and/or weirdest-lady-boner-right-now book that you can read by yourself where no one can EVER KNOW.

However. If you’re looking for plot, or ANYTHING remotely consisting of a story, then please don’t. You’ll be traumatized FOR LIFE. I will not be responsible for the damage done to your eyes and your brain.

Otherwise, ENJOY.

And I mean it. ❤



(Because one song just isn’t enough.)

1. A Perfect Circle – The Hollow

(The whole song)

Run desire run
Sexual being
Run him like a blade
To and through the heart
No conscience
One Motive
Cater to the hollow

Screaming feed me here
Fill me up again
Temporarily pacify this hungering
So grow
Libido throw
Dominoes of indiscretions down
Falling all around
In cycles
In circles
Constantly consuming
Conquer and devour

2. Zilch – Fucktrack #6
(HIGHLY Sexually Explicit Song; VERY, VERY NSFW)

(The whole song works, but these lyrics in particular…)

I am absolute corruption
Absolute corruption
(I wanna fuck you… in the ass… Until you bleed!)
I am the power that sways
I am the beast that’s in human nature
I am the masonry of greed
Tease me, please me, don’t believe me
I will suck and fuck the very heart of you
Into two
Need me, bleed me, don’t believe me
I will separate every fucking part of you
Into two
3. Placebo – My Sweet Prince

(There’s something about this whole song that just WORKS.)

Never thought you’d make me perspire.
Never thought I’d do you the same.
Never thought I’d fill with desire.
Never thought I’d feel so ashamed.
4. Queens of the Stone Age – Sick, Sick, Sick


Eternal eclipse in the teeth of the risk,
The tounge is a twist in perpetual bliss ,
Forever midnight forever midnight…,
Sick, Sick, Sick,
Don’t resist,
Sick, Sick, Sick,
Don’t resist,
(I’m gonna change,
I don’t wanna change),
Sick, Sick, Sick,
Don’t resist,
Sick, Sick, Sick,
Don’t resist
5. Savage Garden – Break Me, Shake Me


I never thought I’d change my
opinion again
But you moved me in a way that I’ve
never known
You moved me in a way that I’ve
never known
But straight away you just moved
into position again
You abused me in a way that I’ve
never known
You abused me in a way that I’ve
never known

So break me shake me hate me
take me over
When the madness stops then you
will be alone
Just break me shake me hate me
take me over
When the madness stops then you
will be alone


Reason for choosing these songs

I don’t know if it was during or after reading the book that these songs became to resonate with me and THIS SICK (AMAZING) BOOK.

Though there really isn’t anything to spoiler in this thing… I’ll be vague-ish and only comment on the ones that really seem like, “UM, WHAT???”

Track 1: Wolves song during a full moon cycle (to their prey). Or likewise just Cole’s song (to Wyatt, perhaps? or to just anyone who’d help fill his hunger and lust).

Track 2: This entire song is… about… nasty, kinky, painful sex. It’s basically the book’s theme song. End of story. (Plus that heavy beat just makes you think “Drugged, Fucked out of one’s mind, and Addicted to whatever comes one’s way.”)

Track 3: I see this as the song to capture a soul-deep change in Wyatt. Once Wyatt’s seriously been “tamed” and even starts thinking of Cole as “his wolf” and tries to play games with him later in the book, only to have everything backfire on him… kinda

Track 4: Probably a Cole to Wyatt song.

Track 5: Always think of this as my reckless abandon song. It’s one that gets put to a lot of books or playlist I make if the situation calls for it. In this case…. THE SITUATION CALLS FOR IT.


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