Review Policy (CLOSED)

(CLOSED)  I am currently NOT accepting books for review at this time. Check back later!

However, I am a little behind on my list, so your request might get backlogged for a couple weeks to a month. If that is fine with you, then by all means! Contact me with your request. 🙂

I will respond to it as quickly as possible to let you know if I have accepted it or not, and will then try to give an estimate as to when I’ll get to reading your book/comic/etc.

What I Accept & Prefer

– Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Erotica (although not really hetero-centric kinds), Horror, Real Creepy Sh*t, Speculative Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian, Supernatural, Paranormal, Comics, Graphic Novels, Webcomics, Manga, Manhua, and Manhwa

Books With:

– M/M, Slash, Yaoi… whatever you want to call it.
– Heavy emphasis on QUILTBAG themes, characters, -centric worlds
– Unconventional or taboo relationships (the star-crossed lovers, the different species/races relationships, the incestuous lovers [preferably consensual! Sibling love or lust  like brother/brother, cousins, half siblings, step-sibs, twincest, etc…], the same-gender relationships in a world where it is not the norm… or it IS the norm, the Stockholm Syndrome, the hated enemies that fall in love, the power play couples [king/knight or other subject, master/servant, senior/junior, etc.], and so much more. If you are unsure, just ask. The worse that will ever happen is… well.. I’ll say no. That’s really it. 😛 )
– Kids and young people in really f*cked up situations (ie: killing other kids, rape, abusive situations, etc.)
– Mates and mating practices, Soul Mates, True Love
ASG and gender study, Mpreg, HEA, HFN, or GFY
– Illustrations or artwork
– Lots of mythology, folklore, or legends
– Non-human main and supporting characters like shifters, vampires, elves, other mythical or legendary creatures, gods/goddesses, alien species/races, etc…
– Fairytales retold
– And lots and LOTS of world-building (because this is the best part of a good book!)

– Will accept books that are part of a series ONLY so long as these conditions are met:

– It is the first book in a series (and you are willing to let me read and review the sequel(s) if I really like it XD ) OR
– If it is NOT the first book, then you can provide me with a detailed account of what has happened in the previous title(s) OR
– You can actually provide me with copies of the previous title(s) so I can catch up on my own to know what’s going on

– Will also accept Art & Photography, (YA/Adult) Fiction LiteratureChildren’s Fiction, Young Adult, Microhistory, and Reference on case-to-case basis

What I Generally Don’t Accept

– Audio books
– Academic Textbooks (unless it’s in a field of study I actually know enough about to give a professional review. Otherwise, I’ll just speak from the layman’s perspective.)
– Contemporary Fiction (not a big fan… if it is coupled with another genre like fantasy/sci-fi/QUILTBAG themes… then, ok maybe)
– Self-help, Religious/Spiritual Books, Crime, Westerns, Biographies, Chick Lit/Fic, Teeny Romance
– Not a big fan of non-con, bondage, or BDSM… But I have been known to make exceptions. Absolutely NO rape, if the purpose is to arouse or take enjoyment from the act. If it happens to the character(s) as part of plot and character development, then alright. No problem. But no, “This is erotica where character is repeatedly raped by x number people and nothing else happens in the book.” ….no. That would be a resounding NO.
– Anything else? ASK. I have the tendency to be quite flexible when it comes to what I do and do not read.

Formats I Accept

– Physical print copies are preferred! (I live in the USA. For more information on how to send a print copy, fill out the contact form below.)
– e-ARCs are also perfectly acceptable. (PDF, EPUB, MOBI)

My Reviews Will Include:

  • Cover Art
  • Title, Author, Publisher (in most cases), Page Count, Year of Publication, Genre/Themes
  • How I received my copy and possibly in what format (print or e-ARC)
  • Star rating
  • A brief summary, blurb, and/or synopsis (taken from GoodReads or Amazon)
  • A Likes and Dislikes section (which I will try to make as un-spoilery as possible)
  • Whether I’ll recommend it or not
  • And a very… VERY honest and/or possibly spazzy review. I won’t try to be nice if I honestly didn’t like it. However, I WILL freak out and gush about it if I did enjoy the book or some portion of it. You have been forewarned.
    • P. S. – But have no fear! Before I post anything here on my blog or on GoodReads, I will send an email or comment to you (if you were the one who contacted me for a review, that is) and give you the initial feedback, whether or not I liked your book, and such forth.

What To Expect:

  • Depending on my reading schedule and RL work, I might read your book within days to a month or more upon receiving your ARC or RvC.
  • I will keep in contact with you, especially if there is a queue. In which case, I will email you to let you know when I’m up to your title and the approximate amount of time it will take me to read and review it.
  • I will post my review here on Reckless Indulgence and on my GoodReads account. (You will be provided with links to both.)

Review Request

To contact me for a book review or interview/book tour/giveaway/etc, please fill out the form below or email me at recklessindulgence(AT)gmail(DOT)com with a subject heading of either ‘ADVANCED READER’S COPY‘ or ‘REVIEWER’S COPY‘ or ‘INTERVIEW/BOOK TOUR/ETC‘ and the name of your book or publication that you want me to review.


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( Last updated 02.22.15 : Updated "Request Form" )
( Last updated 02.04.15 : Added "Microhistory" to "Books I Will Also Accept On Case-to-Case Basis")
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