[Book Review] Of Last Resort (Princes of the Blood, Book 1)

of last resort

Of Last Resort

(Princes of the Blood, Book 1)

Megan Derr

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This book would have easily received full accolades from me and an even higher rating had the ending (and by “ending”, I mean the last 3 chapters) not felt so suddenly rushed. I felt like she suddenly realized how long the book had been going on and needed to end it immediately, so BAM, BAM, BAM! The End! XD Which actually wasn’t that horrible a thing to do, as the action and climax was gearing up to its peak anyway, so there is that.

Beyond This Point:   Sorta-Spoilers Abound!

But outside of the ending, I didn’t have a single complaint in sight (except in moments of “AHH!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DO NOT GO IN THERE ALONE!!!!” and “NOOOO! NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!” and “OMFG! WHO IS CAMBORD?!?!” and “BY THE THREE, DO NOT LET HIM DIE! D:” — all perfectly acceptable responses, given the awesomeness of this tale). The cast was a colorful bunch that came in an array of interesting species — Demons, Humans, and of course the King’s Legion: the fourteen branches of elite and powerful warriors and mages whose sole purpose was to defend and die for the kingdom… Dragoons, Titans, Summoners, Sorcerers, Priests, Paladins, Geomancers, Gremlins, Dredknights, Shades, Shadowmarch, Tamers, Alchemists, and the infamous Princes of the Blood.

Or as I’d like to call them “vampires done over-easy.”

I really like the true to High Fantasy style/nature with a twist that this book gave. There were all the elements you would expect in a Fantasy or High Fantasy novel, with bits of a modern, almost contemporary twist and allure.


This is how you do world-building in a High Fantasy without over-doing it too much with politics and court intrigue. You create the world, the cultures, the history, the religion. You tie all these things together in the present. You create characters that live, breathe, and suffer as you do. Then you throw their world into utter chaos and watch them burn.

giphy (15)

The book is well-paced, spaced between 3 parts, 5 chapters to each. Part 1 holds true to form and introduces us to the characters, world, and conflict. We meet our reluctant hero Raffe`; Commander of the Legion Telme; and many others among the ranks who we will soon love and hate and hate to lose. We meet the mysterious Cambord, who’s secret identity won’t be revealed until much later in the book (a thing which fuels our curiosity and piques our inner detectives). We are filled with questions needing answers and a few scares along the way. We are thoroughly engaged in this world and its hardships.

Then we get our answers — most, though not all — in Part 2, where we are left upset and angry and wanting because so much happens and yet, WHY IS IT ALL HAPPENING IN THE FIRST PLACE?!


I can’t even give any hints or details because the spoilers would be too grave… But I can tell you this: identities are revealed, loves rekindled, and hearts will break…

…until we get to Part 3, that is. When shit REALLY hits the ceiling and EVERYTHING goes batshit crazy. (And I mean this all in a GOOD way, fyi.)

Also fyi: Those lingering questions? Yeah. They get answered… WITH MORE QUESTIONS. But eventually answered nonetheless. Crazy gets a new meaning, your heart gets a shock (or a thousand), of its life, the MASTERMIND BEHIND ALL THIS SHIT IS REVEALED, AND HOLY BEJEEZUS WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT, AND YET KINDA WAS, BUT REALLY WASN’T AND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ANGELS!

200_s (15)

. . .

I’m alright.

All will be FINE.

This is one of those HEA/HFN scenarios for some characters and NSHEA for others.


FOR THIS IS BUT THE 1ST OF 3 BOOKS IN A SERIES. That’s right. You read correctly. TIS MORE TO COME AND THEY’RE ALL ALREADY AVAILABLE SO NO WAITING TIME NECESSARY. More is to be had, that I can promise you. 😉 With Pride (Book 2) and In Despair (Book 3) follow the tales of some of the other characters (backstories, mostly… I think…) and how they too became part of the King’s Legion.

I also want to point out that I am incredibly biased towards this author. Pretty much anything she writes I love, have read, or WILL undoubtedly read and love once I get the chance to do so. So shout-out to one of my favorite go-to authors, the incredible Megan Derr!

Would you recommend this book?


Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Publication Date: February 2014
Format: eBook
Pages: 235
Genre: Medieval Fantasy, Paranormal,
M/M Romance, Magic, QUILTBAG /
LGBTQUIA, Shifters, Dragon, Demons
Age: Adult
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Bought (planning on getting a paperback copy soon)
Challenge: 2014 Good Reads Reading Challenge (100)


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