[Book Review] Tinted Fire: Memoirs of a Saved Soul

I don’t even really want to consider this a full “book review” since I’ve only read the preview sent to my kindle from Amazon. But still –! I gotta say, I’m a little irritated by what I’ve read thus far.

And by that, I mean it seems a lot like another book (or should I say manga series) I have already read:


Besides the fact that every chapter’s title ends in a “-less” word, the characters as well give off the same sort of “Loveless vibe”. Even hints to French speaking or French ethnic characters, the mysterious and attractive blond haired blue eyed man with his obsession for butterflies, and our main character’s strange attraction (not physical or sexual that I can see as of yet) to said mysterious man all spells an AU Loveless fanfiction remake to me.

Thus… I’m really not sure what to make of it.

Normally these sort of things don’t really bother me that much, but if I keep reading and this really does sound like an AU, I’m dropping it immediately. Probably even warning people off of it. That sort of thing drives me crazy. I’m not saying that fanfiction shouldn’t be praised for its creativity and originality – quite the opposite really! I LOVE fanfiction, and I think it has created and nurtured some of the best writers of our time.

I just can’t stand publishing a book in such a manner that blatantly shows inspiration or significantly drawn influence from another work AND THAT INSPIRING WORK ISN’T MENTIONED AT ALL, ANYWHERE IN THE CREDITS, COPYRIGHT PAGE, OR EVEN DEDICATION OR SPECIAL MENTION OR… SOMETHING!


We all draw our inspiration from different places, and unless you’re going to go around claiming everything that comes outta your head and outta your mouth is completely-100%-no-outside-influence-or-inspiration-whatsoever YOUR OWN and ACTUALLY expect others to believe it… you need to at least give credit where credit is due. I completely understand if you’ve had an idea in your head FOREVER, but never got the chance to write it down or submit it to a publisher, and then one day you go into the bookstore, pick something up, and “HOLY SHIT THAT’S YOUR IDEA RIGHT THERE” and you “GRR ARRGHH!!!” about it and rant and rave that they totally took your idea!! Because hey — I think that’s probably happened to quite a few people at least once or twice in their lives. I know it’s certainly happened to ME before.

But this is not such a situation.

And THAT’S what’s bothering me most about this book. The writing is alright. Once again, it definitely has an “Asian-flair” to its composition, and even reminds me a little of a rp format at times… which only makes it more suspicious to me…. >____>


For More Information, check these links:


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