[Book Review] Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper

Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper (author) • Simon & Schuster • 2014 •  320 pages

(from GoodReads): A gorgeous literary debut about an elderly woman’s last great adventure walking across Canada. A beautiful novel of pilgrimage, of fulfilling lifelong promises, of a talking coyote, of unlikely heroes and hundreds of papier-mâché animals…

Genre/Themes: War, Passion, Faith, Hope, Literary Fiction, Pilgrimage, Love, Family, 80+ year old main characters,

Got My Copy: e-ARC provided by publisher requesting an honest review

Overall Rating: 5 BILLION of 5 stars

Review & Evaluation:
Characters: 5+
Plot/Concept: Weird as it was, 5++
Delivery: 5 to the nth degree


– Everything. homfggggggawd 


– I’m supposed to dislike something????????? 8DDDD

Other Thoughts?


I have no idea why I’m so engrossed and captivated by this book.  It’s really weird. The book, I mean. And by that, I mean I’m so intrigued by it. I don’t want to put it down.

The skill and artistry of the author in constructing and crafting this book is phenomenal! I couldn’t put it past me how exquisitely written this book was. Every single little thing tied together, crafted these living, BREATHING characters living in their dry, dusty world… all the while stringing the reader along through their incredible lives – their joy, their sorrow, their hurt, their triumphs. I couldn’t put this book down, and I know I lost sleep over it. I know anyone else would, too.

That ending upset me. It really, REALLY fucking upset me. I mean… I knew it could end badly. I also know it could end really, really well. But this? I’m in this fuckin’ melancholic limbo of emotion where the waves of FEELING are just crashing all around and I just – don’t know what to do with this book.




It’s going on my favorites list immediately. That much is for sure.

But outside of that…

. . .


I think I’ll just sit here with my emotions and not be upset or happy or scared or anything.

I’ll just FEEL until I can’t anymore.

Then I’ll recommend THE HECK outta this incredible book.

Would you recommend this book?:



Highly recommended! Everyone should read Etta and Otto and Russell and James at least once in their lives! Multiple times would be preferred. 😉

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