Reviews By Genre

Listed below are all the books or webcomics* that have been featured on this blog, sorted by genre. *This list includes books that I have and have not read. 

For either the book reviews or the ranty TBBR of books I have already read, click the provided links. For books I’m interested in or simply haven’t read yet, check out any of these: WTRO2, SIWTGI, or Upcoming Books.

 “How To”
Action / Adventure
 Books That Get NO STARS
 Comedy & Satire
 Contemporary Fiction
 Cross Genre
 Dark Fantasy
 Folklore, Fairytale, or Myth
 Gothic Romance
Historical Fiction
 Manga, Manhwa, or Manhua
 Mystery, Suspense, or Thriller
 Picture Books
And for a specific QUILTBAG theme:

 ASG (Alternative Sexualities
& Genders)
 Gay / Yaoi
 Lesbian / Yuri
 Pansexual / Omnisexual


 Science Fiction
 Short Stories

 Weird Fiction
 Young Adult


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