Name Jaay, AMS, J

 Location Castle in the sky (Temporarily grounded in the U.S. of A.)

 Age 20something

 Gender GQGN (genderqueer-genderneutral)

 Race Mutt of the finest quality

I’m known by many names, but you can call me Jaay or AMS (short for amomentsilence). Since I don’t identify as either male or female, you can use either the “they/them/their” pronoun or a genderneutral one such as “ni/nir” “zie/zir” and “xe/xir.” And if all else fails, just use my name! That’s what it’s there for~ (I won’t, however, take offense if you use he/she pronouns, but just know I’m not particularly fond of them.)


Genderqueer flag. Click on the image to learn more~

I hold several degrees, mostly in the Humanities and Literature: Creative Writing, Publishing Studies, Comparative Languages and Literature, Critical Thinking, English Literature, and most recently a Masters in Library and Information Science (MLS).

Known for being “the go-to person” for just about anything under or orbiting the sun, I am constantly devouring information, great and small. I enjoy learning above all else, and putting that knowledge to good use or finding new meaning in the already known. I am not afraid of the unknown, nor am I one to run from it. I seek to enrich myself (and others) with the wondrous knowledge that the world holds.

And although I hate the idea of labels, any of these could sufficiently describe me in a word (or two):

  • Bibliophile
  • Music whore  (I think normal people call this a “music enthusiast”)
  • Author
  • Essayist
  • Artist
  • Night owl
  • Passerby
  • Logophile
  • Philomath
  • Reader
  • Visionaire
  • Sarcastic
  • Funny
  • Creative
  • Asocial
  • Nihilist  (Sometimes I have existential crisis. Especially when the world’s constantly going to shit.)
  • Pragmatic Idealist
  • SBNR Agnostic
  • Advocate

I enjoy being a ghost; anonymous and nameless, indistinct and free-form.

I am many things and nothing.

But then again, aren’t we all?

i am a reserved creator

Click to find out more…

If you’d like to know more about me, I’ve set up a feature called “meet the blogger” specifically for that purpose! 🙂 Go and check it out, if you’re curious.

Where you can find me

⇒ GoodReads amomentsilence
⇒ Youtube AMS Reckless Beats
Twitter @ amomentsilence
⇒ Facebook Amoment Silence
Instagram jaayvams
Disqus @ amsjaayrecklessindulgence
⇒ Tabio silvertongued-creature

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