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A to Z Theme Reveal: LGBT+ Comics Characters!

This is a great idea! Definitely be stalking Hannah’s blog all throughout April. XD

Hannah Reads Books


Y’all know me — I’m all about the comics and I’m all about the LGBT+ representation. For my very first A to Z blogging challenge, I’m combining the two. This month will be constructed of an alphabetical list of some of the most awesomely amazing LGBT+ characters in comics!

I know a lot of readers are interested in diversifying their media, and I also know comics can be majorly daunting for new people and it’s hard to track down the stories you want. So, I’m doing the work for you. Each post will be a short run-down of the character in question, followed by a reading recommendation. Some posts are on significant landmark characters, some are on personal favorites, and if I have to choose between the two for a letter, I’ll go with the favorite. I’ve got Marvel, DC, indies and webcomics. I’ve got L, G, B, T, and +. And…

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Parajunkee’s “Blog Post Proofing Checklist”

I hope you guys enjoyed my previous post for Parajunkee’s Book Blogger Checklist, and I also hope it’s helped some of you with your blogging experience. 🙂

This week, I’m putting up another one of her infographics that I think is really important. Also on blogging, but this time more widespread.


Everyone needs a little help proofing. Whether it’s a book. Or a post. Or an essay. We all need a little help once in a while, depending on what our strengths and weaknesses are.

Mine have always been linked back to my dyslexia, so sometimes I don’t notice mistakes in my writing until someone really points them out to me or walks me through them. The most common mistakes I find are completely missing words, word substitution (a LOT of word substitution oTL), words written backwards or utterly jumbled, and fragmented words. I spend a lot of time just re-reading (and re-reading, and re-reading…) over and over and over again, just to make sure I haven’t written something incomprehensible. Usually I’m pretty good at catching my mistakes.

Sometimes… not so much. XD

But those are my weaknesses. My strengths revolve around how dedicated I am to correcting, noticing, and fixing them.

For you, it might be something much more simple. You might write or read too fast, and need to slow it down so your brain can catch up. Or maybe you have a bad habit of rambling or being unclear in your writing.

Whatever it is, I think this inforgraphic will definitely help. It’ll at least point you in the right direction, at any rate. 🙂

FYI though – I actually don’t like this graphic as much as Parajunkee’s other one, but it does have a LOT of great info on it. 🙂



Infographic by

Parajunkee’s “Book Blogger Checklist”

Now before anyone goes and asks, I want to make it VERY CLEAR.



Seriously. It’s, like… the most gorgeous thing ever. I am not that gifted in graphic design. At least, not yet. 😉

The fabulous lady behind this Book Blogger’s Checklist is none other than Rachel, or as many may know her as Parajunkee.

I found this a few weeks back, and thought it was really clever and helpful. Figured it would be the perfect thing to share on my blog. I’ve found it to be very useful and pretty much in-line with my own blogging guidelines.

And for anyone wanting to apply some of these suggestions while working on their own blogs, just know you do not need to follow everything a “T.” Even implementing some of these ideas into your blogging routine will definitely improve your workflow and productivity, a 100 percent!

Trust me on this one.

Anyone, who’s NOT doing at least some of these things, is REEEEALLY missing out!

So here it is!




Infographic by

New Theme! New Features! New… Year?

That’s right, folks! It’s almost the first day of the Spring Festival, and I figured I might as well start off with a change of theme, and some blog-wide updates. I’ve been working on them for some time now, and would have had them finished forever ago, if I hadn’t lost everything I put together when I accidentally shut down my computer yesterday. oTL /FAIL


Truth be told, I did save a couple things, so not all is lost!

But enough was, so…

Just don’t be surprised by any wonkiness that might go down over the next day or so. It’ll be a stop and go process because I can’t keep looking at all this code for that many hours. Hopefully the majority of my nitpicking and tweeking will be over by then.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the new look! I’m testing out a few things, so hopefully it’ll make everything more accessible and vibrant to look at~

Later y’all!

What A List! The Book Challenges I Plan To Participate In This Year


Last year I was getting the hang of blogging again, so I tried not to make too many demands of myself in regards to my reading. I was just going to read as per usual.

This year, I’m changing things up a bit and setting some goals for myself for the fun of it. 🙂

I did some scouring around the internet the other day and found some really interesting ones. If I can swing it, I’ll be doing these:


  1. 0 of 52. 52 Books in 52 Weeks by Robin of My Two Blessings.
  2. 0 of 24. New To You 2015 Reading Challenge by Herding Cats & Burning Soup.
  3. 0 of 20. Ethereal 2015 Reading Challenge by Riedel Fascination.
  4. 0 of 52. 2015 Graphic Novels & Manga Reading Challenge by Graphic Novel & Manga Challenge.
  5. 7 of 115. 2015 Good Reads Reading Challenge by GoodReads.
  6. 0 of 57. LGBT Challenge 2015 by Niji Feels.
  7. 0 of 4. Play On Reading Challenge by Half-Filled Attic.
  8. 0 of 105. 105 Reading Challenge 2015 by Read Write Love 28.
  9. 0 of ∞. 2015 Around the World Reading Challenge by All About Books. ***EDIT!*** I thought about it and realized I would never do this. For 1, I rarely read books that take place on Earth lol. For 2, it just seems like too much work, and with this many other challenges to do, I just don’t have the time for this.)
  10. 0 of 12. 2015 The Re-Read Reading Challenge by Belle of the Literati and So Obsessed With.
  11. 0 of 50. 2015 NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge by Falling For YA.
  12. 0 of 1M pgs. Read One Million Pages by Smiling Shelves.
  13. 0 of 10. 2015 Books N’ Tunes Reading Challenge by Delighted Reader.
  14. 7 of 115. You Read How Many Books? by Book Dragon’s Lair.
  15. 0 of 12. Monthly Motif by Kim of Bookmark to Blog.
  16. 0 of 12. Monthly Keyword by Kim of Bookmark to Blog.
  17. 0 of 12. The Eclectic Reader by Book’d Out.

Anyone thinking of entering any of these? If so, let me know! 🙂 Link me to your post or blog so I can keep up with your progress! You can check back here to follow mine. I’ll be setting up links in the header with each challenge and the books or posts that correspond with them.

Let’s make this a crazy good reading year!


Prepare yourselves for a review barrage!

Starting… tonight around 11 until the very end of the year, I’m going to be posting all the book reviews I got backed up on, one after another. I finally got them all typed up and let me tell you, I can only hope I found and removed all the silly, harried typos and my own dyslexic madness from these posts. If not, then… well.. try to be gentle. XD I’m giving y’all fair warning here!

If you point them out in comments, I’m actually quite okay with that! 🙂 Just don’t be rude. I’ll most certainly fix the blunder and thank you kindly for pointing it out.

Expect the first of many reviews to begin in approximately one hour with Of Last Resort by Megan Derr.

Click the image and head over on to the review          (available after 11pm, 12/24/14)



I Just Set Up A Bloglovin Account!

Come follow my blog with Bloglovin

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus

I’m still recovering from the upset to my daily life which caused it (that, and of course, all the added horrors it caused which spilled into my personal life, as well… Ughhh…)


We’ll be back to proper schedule by the end of the week (HOPEFULLY) after all this craziness is… well, not quite over with, but at least a little less overwhelming. For now, have a new favourite quote from a brand new “FAVOURITE, FAVOURITE, EXTREME FAVOURITE WHY DID IT TAKE ME THIS LONG TO READ THIS?!” book 🙂

“When he died, all things soft and beautiful and bright would be buried with him.”
― Achilles (Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles)

I’ll be reviewing and spazzing over it next week. Stay tuned!

Wow okay, so that was a complete flop 8D

Sorry to anyone who liked/saw/reblogged/or favourited the review for Tiger Boys. I was trying to write and draft a post from the plane, and instead… posted it prematurely. I didn’t even realize it went live until just now.

So yeah.

POST WILL ACTUALLY GO LIVE TONIGHT. Like… around… 11… or something.

But not now.

Now, Imma go eat.

Because FOOD.

Surprise, Surprise! Looks Like Autumn’s Finally Here…


image (C) NOT MINE

As I’m sure you can all see the new layout and theme for my blog. 😀 I’ve created a couple different ones for the next few months, themed specifically for the changing of the seasons. Hopefully I won’t be a day late like I was with this one in the coming months. 😛

This one is, obviously, Autumn/Halloween themed. I was originally going to go with just pumpkins (Because pumpkins are the best things on Earth, do not judge or contradict me. XD) but as luck would have it, I was able to add in a bit of fall colors as well, which are just as spectacular.

falling leaves

image (C) NOT MINE


image (C) NOT MINE

bridge into autumn

image (C) NOT MINE

come walk with me

image (C) NOT MINE

image (C) NOT MINEHappy October and Harvest greetings, everybody!