Library Finds 9.14.19

Found these at my local library recently and ABSOLUTELY meant to post these sooner (but I’ve been SO BUSY TAT)

I’ve already read through 2 of them, The Grownup and Greyhound. I meant to start on The Wild Things, but I just haven’t had the time. I’ll definitely be trying to do so soon.

Here’s the goods:

Library Finds 5.15.14

Picked up three of the books I requested from my local library today! It was the funniest thing seeing that poor tiny girl lug the books from behind the counter. I felt real bad for her! XD Those things were fuckin’ HUGE.

FYI, they’re anthologies. All of them. I was doing some research on book design, formatting, and title selection, and I needed some good references.

The fact that these also coincided with books I’ve been meaning to read for AGES is PURE COINCIDENCE AND HAS NOTHING TO DO ANYTHING SO THERE! 8DD

Here’s the goods:

Library Finds 4.2414

Technically this post should have been transcribed and posted since yesterday when I wrote it, but whatever.

[BACK DATED 4/24/14]

So I went to my local library today and found a ton of books I either wanted to read, have been meaning to read (aka has been on my wishlist for AGES), have read already and wanted to read again, buy, or any and all of the above. Here’s the lovely haul:

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