Library Finds 4.2414

Technically this post should have been transcribed and posted since yesterday when I wrote it, but whatever.

[BACK DATED 4/24/14]

So I went to my local library today and found a ton of books I either wanted to read, have been meaning to read (aka has been on my wishlist for AGES), have read already and wanted to read again, buy, or any and all of the above. Here’s the lovely haul:

I literally had to ask them to loan me one of their book baskets so I could carry all these books out to the car in one go. There was no way I’d be able to carry it otherwise. (Especially since it was windy as all hell out there, too!!)

I had actually went to library in the hopes of getting a museum pass (which, if you don’t know what this is, it’s basically passes the library loans you to go see museums, exhibitions, etc at participating locations for free! Admission costs, free parking, and free roam of all the events, exhibitions, and whatnot is all included. At my library they loan the passes out for four days?? and you have to bring them back before or by then if you don’t want to pay a fine for late returns. But it’s still really cool because it offers admission to so many interesting and normally hard-to-get-into-for-FREE places, so it is definitely worth it! 🙂 ). In the end, I decided not to get a museum pass today since I knew I wouldn’t be able to really use it over this weekend, but at least I now know what I need to do in order to get one, where it is, and such-forth.

As for these books… some of these titles – honestly – I’ve had sitting on my Amazon wishlist for a thousand-trillion-zillion years! — so it was really REALLY nice to see my local library had them in their collection, AND that they were available for me to borrow right then and there.

Truth be told, I really don’t like borrowing anything from libraries – especially books. I didn’t always used to be this way, but I’ve had a lot of bad experience with the librarians and staff over the years… so that, alone, began to really turn me off to libraries and the like. Then there was the whole “I have to return these books back to them, cause they’re ‘technically’ not mine…” thing, which – as a mega book-lover like myself – I hated with the passion of a thousand burning, smoldering suns. -__-;;

I like to note-take and comment in the margins and any of the in-between spaces of books, so having to restrain myself from doing so in library borrowed materials really frustrates me to no end. Which also means, since they’re not mine, I can’t just get angry at them and their characters (or even the author) and write them verbally angry notes and messages on any and all of their pages or chuck them across the room because “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! DON’T YOU KNOW SPLITTING UP IS THE WORSE POSSIBLE COURSE OF ACTION IN ANY OF THE RANDOM AND INANE MULTIVERSES?!”

. . .

What? — You mean you don’t do any of that to your own books, too? What’s wrong with all of you? This is perfectly normal. And I’m perfectly sane! The voices in my head only speak back to me when I’m alone or no one’s watching after all… Y’know… >___> *ehem*

Back to the book talk, I’m still really looking forward to these finds. Even if I can’t keep them. Even if I can’t write up all in them. EVEN if the thought make me want to scream and waste all my non-existent money right now to go buy my own copies of them and just be done with it right this very second–!

I’ll be fine. >__>

Really. <__<



I’ll let y’all know how the books turn out, but I’m sure the majority of them will be utterly divine and wondrous and I’ll weep (not really) to see them finished.

Hope everyone finds some good reads themselves – whether from your local library, bookstore, or second-hand dealer – over this weekend.





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