30 Day Writing Challenge! {no idea who to credit for this, but let’s join in!}

I haven’t the slightest idea where I found this or who made it (PLEASE COME FORWARD AND DEMAND CREDIT IF THIS IS YOURS! I will wholeheartedly award you your much deserved credits <3) Nevertheless, it’s beautiful and we should all try to join in.

Here’s the challenge:


If you do join in, you can do this whenever the heck you feel like it. But me personally? I’m going to try doing this for March Madness (…aka IN MARCH…) and maybe post whatever I come up with here as part of my meet the blogger feature?

I dunno. Either way, I think it will be fascinating to do. I’ve never done something like this on myself, sorta autobiographical in a way. It’s always been on one of my hundreds of characters (which, in itself, is telling, of course).

Hm… and even that, I haven’t done in… Goodness. I haven’t done anything like this since my first published short story collection in 2007. It’s a shame it’s been nearly a decade. *cringes just thinking on it* I suppose it’s time to start again and get back into the love to writing, be it about myself or my most beloved characters.

As for those of you who don’t want to do it on yourself, why not do as I’ve done and try taking a favourite character from a book/movie/TV show/anime/whathaveyou and answer each prompt on them? Or if you have your own creations, then make these prompts be about them. Have them answer an interview or write their own story from their perspective. That would be equally exciting, dont’cha think? :3

Anyway, enough chatter. Pass it along if you do decide to take part in this 30 Day Writing Challenge. I hope it inspires you to write like no tomorrow~ ❤