Frequently Used Terms and Phrases

For those of you who may not quite “get” the sort of crazy I am, I’ve compiled a shortlist of words, phrases, and common lingo I’m sure to use in my writing and commentary. Hopefully this should help. Either that or scare you all away. xD

I plan to keep updating the list as I go on, so expect updates infrequently.

Some of these terms can be found easily using Google, Tumblr, Urban Dictionary, and the intarweb at large. Some of these are completely derived from my own cluttered mind.


acronym for Advanced Reader’s Copy which I’ll either get via NetGalley, or directly from the author or publisher


both acronyms for Reviewer’s Copy which I’ll either get directly from an author or publisher


acronym for male pregnancy or the like. Basically the male character gets/or can get pregnant


acronym for Science Fiction & Fantasy


a word of my own creation. It is similar to thoughtpatterns, but exclusive to music and sound recognition and interpretation. I am a writer and reader who focuses strongly on sound impression and the impact of music on… well, everything! Music influences us in ways most do not understand, recognize, or even agree with – but it is there. I like to sometimes add or suggest music wherever I am. I love sharing the soundpatterns I’ve discovered or the new soundpatterns created via playlists, stringing certain songs one after another to create a story, mood, or state of mind.


acronym for Speculative Fiction


a word of my own creation. It is the collective stream of consciousness that most of my writing entails. Some of it is interesting. Some of it not so much. Some of it makes utterly no sense when read back after I’ve furiously typed it out. Some of it can be masterpieces. Bear with me. I only write what I think, and think as I write. Sometimes the two get confused or align perfectly and everything makes complete sense. I won’t be offended if you comment on these thoughtpatterns saying you don’t get it or simply don’t agree. That’s bound to happen.


acronym for Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender/Transsexual, Bisexual, Allied/Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer. It is meant to be a more inclusive term than GLBT/LGBT and to be more pronounceable (and memorable) than some of the other variations or extensions on the GLBT/LGBT abbreviation.


acronym for Happily Ever After


acronym for Happy For Now


acronym for FUCK YOU! Have A Horribly AWFUL Ending


acronym for Out of Character. This is when a character behaves different or freakishly different  from what they normally would based on character development and the basic characteristics of that individual.


acronym for Point of View


acronym for Plot? What Plot? I know some others call it Porn Without Plot, but that’s just weird to me. Plot What Plot just works, okay? End of discussion.


acronym for M/M, or male/male


acronym for basically when you turn male characters female and still ship them together

Ship, Shipper, Shipping

and NO – I’m not talking about FedEx or the postal service. I’m talking about when you pair two or more individuals together. That’s shipping. Generally it’s in a romantic or sexual manner, but it doesn’t always has to be. Obviously a Shipper is someone who ships something or someone with something or someone else. And of course, a ship is the thing itself. So you end up shipping male character A with male character B, and you agonize, fantasize, and adore this ship, which then makes you a shipper. Get it? Great. Let’s move on.


acronym for F/F, or female/female. I don’t often use the word “lesbian,” because I generally use yuri instead when talking about anything in relation to women liking/loving/having sex with other women.

Genderqueer / GQ

is a catch-all category for gender identities other than man and woman, thus outside of the gender binary and cisnormativity. Genderqueer people may identify as one or more of the following:

• having an overlap of, or indefinite lines between, gender identity and sexual and romantic orientation.
• two or more genders (bigender, trigender, pangender);
• without a gender (nongendered, genderless, agender; neutrois);
• moving between genders or with a fluctuating gender identity (genderfluid);
• third gender or other-gendered; includes those who do not place a name to their gender;


acronym for Gay For You. Basically the classic Str8 guy falls for a gay guy situation. And I don’t mean to be comical. It fits any situation where a man thinks he’s straight until he meets this one person (who happens to be a guy – gay or straight as well, doesn’t matter) and falls head over heels in love or in lust with them. I actually love this sort of thing because it helps to redefine what society thinks of as “straight”, “gay”, “bi”, etc. Of course there are people out there who honestly can’t see someone of the same or opposite gender as attractive or sexually appealing, but then… there are some who see past those gender differences and honestly finds another person attractive or irresistible, regardless of who they dated or sexually prefer before that. It makes both people reevaluate their lives and their way of thinking… especially if/when it happens completely out of the blue or if the person never thought it could happen to them.


occasionally part of the identity of a genderqueer individual. It is the feeling of moving between genders or with a fluctuating gender identity.


acronym for Genderqueer Genderneutral. I, personally, identify in this manner.


acronym for Want To Read Or Own


acronym for Need To Read. Basically on my wishlist or has-been-suggested-so-many-times-I-don’t-even-know-why-I-haven’t-read-it-yet list


acronym for To Be Read, which differs from NTR as TBR are generally books I actually have and just haven’t gotten to reading yet


acronym for Work-in-Progress


acronym for Totally Biased Book Reviews


stand-alone novels, books, comics, etc. Not part of a series.


acronym for Today I Learned

Book Haul (or simply haul) / Book Swag (or simply swag)

should be self-explanatory. Any books of recent purchase to be added to my library.


acronym for Conventions. Usually book, manga/manhwa/manhua, comic, or publishing related. Not always though, but generally.

Handles / Usernames

alias or internet identity.


my lingo for anytime someone says I’m “spoiling” things for them. Basically relating to any books being made into movies currently or have been made into movies.


acronym for edited by


acronym for Alternative Universe / Alternative Universe Fanfiction


is a collection of literary works by A BUNCH OF DIFFERENT AUTHORS in a single volume. Sometimes these can be reprints or completely new material. Sometimes anthologies come in serial form with annual collections each year. The type of works collected for a single anthology can be based on theme, subject or format, and come in a variety of forms such as short stories, abridged novels, novellas, poems, plays, or songs.


there are two definitions this word will apply to on this blog. The first is when referring to a compilation of several literary works BY THE SAME AUTHOR in a single volume. The works can be reprints of previously published or completely new, unpublished material. Examples of this would be The Complete Work of Edgar Allen Poe, or Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. The second definition refers to PRIVATE COLLECTION of something based on a common theme or subject. For instance, I have an INSANELY LARGE collection of manga & manhwa. See the difference?

Omnibus / Omnibus Edition

it is a book of previously published, related works that was turned into ONE BIG FREAKIN BOOK. Oh yeah. And it’s all by the same author. An example of this would be if someone went and took the entire Hunger Game series and created one big-ass book called The Hunger Games: The Complete Collection! Sort of like what I’ve been seeing American publishers do with manga recently.


when twins (either of the same gender or different genders) are in a romantically and/or sexually involved relationship with each other. This relationship can either be forced (or as I like to call it actual incest) or completely voluntary, consensual, and loving (like any other relationship). I’m a big proponent of this, so don’t be surprised by random posts on the theme. Or be surprised. I really couldn’t care.

Space Vampires

so – don’t freak – this is when you’ve got your vampires (or, vampiric entities) in space. Or as aliens. Alien Vampires. Yeah. I like me some of them.


acronym for Series I Want To Get Into


should be self-explanatory… but if not, then GO HERE and HERE.


I’ve been using this for so long that, by now, it’s probably a real word. Think of it this way. You have work, and you have a shitton of it. You have books, and you’ve got a shitton of those, too. You have food, but never enough. You have your beer… and then you have your friends come over with kegs and kegs of the stuff, and suddenly you have a shitton of beer. (Until you and the guys drink it all. Then you’ll just have one shitty hangover in the morning.) Shitton. The basic measurement of all things LARGE, and UNBELIEVABLY so.


acronym for Alternate Genders & Sexualities

“Just kiss already!”


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