Book Spotlight is any feature where I highlight a book or create a booklist of titles I find interesting. These books can be upcoming releases, genre or topic specific, sequels, or the most highly anticipated books of the year. These are the major spotlights I host on this blog:

WTRO2, short for Want To Read Or Own, is a spotlight feature for books that I – yes, you guessed it – want to read or own.

SIWTGI, short for Series I Want To Get Into, is a spotlight feature for book series that look like they might have potential. I’m very picky when it comes to series, so this feature has to have its own section.

NEW FINDS is a spotlight feature for anything that catches my eye. Stand-alones, series, book 2 in a trilogy. Does not matter. If I like it, it’ll end up here. Usually compiled into a booklist.

BOOK LISTS are spotlight features that I used to make at alarming frequency. Now they take the back-burner, but still pop up every once in awhile when the mood hits me.

For all spotlight features, I provide synopsis, cover image, and basic details of the books that interest me or piqué my curiosity. (At some point in time, I try to sate that curiosity by purchasing or getting my hands on these titles and reading them religiously until I am finished and either highly disappointed or hyperventilating because it was soooo good.)



10 Books That Have Stayed With You is a booklist meme that I host here on Reckless Indulgence. I’d love it if you’d enter! It’s really simple and straightforward. Also, for those who have more than 10 books to list…

10 Books That Have Stayed With You (And Five More For Good Measure) is my other booklist meme that might be a better fit for you. It follows the exact same principles as the one above, except you’re listing 15 books, instead of just 10.

Eventually there will be other challenges and memes and polls, so keep checking back!


◌ Onto The Features ◌

RECKLESS BEATS is a musical feature where I incorporate a little music into this bookish blog. Originally the idea was to try and fit the music I chose to books or only feature music with some bookish inspiration. Which was dumb, because ALL MUSIC CAN BE FIT TO BOOKS. Any song can inspire a great literary work, and vice versa. Music is the heart and soul of all things, and because of that, I can see no better place than to have it here – within our bookish hearts. 🙂

Reckless Beats are posted Mondays and Saturdays, although they sometimes muscle their way into other days whenever I’m feeling especially inspired. (Or simply can’t get that earworm outta my mind.)

[PS – No copyright infringement intended!]

FAVOURITE QUOTES is a feature where you can find a little bookish inspiration, motivation, and daily advice handpicked from my favourite quotes and passages from the literary world. These can be by authors and artists, lyrics from a song, book quotes, or snippets of conversation. They are all stories, told using fewer words.

BOOK HAUL is a feature that also includes my LIBRARY FINDS, and are both exactly what they sound like they’d be. Showcasing the physical and virtual books I receive or borrow from different sources, this feature is what other people like to call “Stacking The Shelves.”

It is split into individual weekly or bi-weekly hauls that I try to post on Wednesdays, and round-up hauls which are posted at the end of the month (or very early beginning of the following month).

KINDLE DEALS, or just ebook deals in general, is a feature where I announce any killer book deals I find, books at steal prices, or entirely FREE BOOKS I come across – even if for a limited time.

READING SPACES is a feature where occasionally I find pictures of libraries and collections, bookstores, books, bookcases and shelves, book walls, and whatnot that I find absolutely breathtaking. So I share. These become our many reading spaces and figurative lands to which we sail.

DISCUSSIONS shouldn’t need an explanation. The topics, however, might:

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS is a discussion feature about those books you simply can’t put down.

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A COMPULSIVE READER is a discussion feature where we talk about the books we’re currently reading, what we’re hoping to read soon, weekly reading updates, and so forth. Occasionally this will overlap with Bookish Things and Indulgent Reader posts. 🙂

RANTS, AND THOUGHTS, AND RANTING THOUGHTS… is where all my miscellaneous posts end up. Some of them might be relevant to this blog. Others… not so much. What you’ll find here is mostly personal or arbitrary in nature, all about random this or that. Generally related to the theme of this blog, but occasionally these posts may wander off to other topics of import to me. Also ranting. Lots of it. You have been forewarned.

IT’S HOW MANY PAGES?! is a discussion feature where I share with you books I’ve read or found in passing that are a ridiculous amount of pages. I would love it if you’d share with me your own monster-reads (Ha! That’s what I should have called this one. “Monster Reads.”) and what drew you to them in the first place!

READ A BOOK, WHY DONTCHA! is a discussion feature highlighting a book or series that is, or has already been, brought to life as a movie or TV show. The idea is to bring awareness to the book(s) that brought the show and/or movie to life, and to help promote the BOOK, rather than the show… even though both will benefit in the long run.

TIL is short for Today I Learned, and is a feature that can be… pretty much about anything. It obviously stays to topics of a bookish nature… providing an avenue of learning and discovering something new in the vast literary expanse. But the information obtained is likely to be valuable only to those interested in such things and will basically be a source for great resources, tidbits of information, and life-hacks for future use. I can’t promise what I find or learn will always be up-to-date or even all that interesting, but it’s interesting TO ME. Hopefully you’ll feel the same. If not, then there’s certainly…

READING RESOURCES & DOWNLOADS, which is where I will dump anything I come across that might be of use to other readers, authors, bloggers, book enthusiasts, passersby, and whatnot.

BOOKISH THINGS is a feature that is exactly what it sounds like. It might be reblogs of bookish articles or images I find online. Or maybe book-related things that just don’t fit into the other categories. Either way, it’s sure to be interesting. (Or maybe not. I guess that’s up to you. 😉 )

BOOK NINJA SECRET MISSIONS is a fun, interactive, treasure-hunt type feature where I turn to you as my detectives, investigators, ninja warriors, scouts, and super librarians! These “secret missions” might ask you to participate in a hunt where you search for books or book related artifacts that best suit the proposed mission.

**Missions are given at random, and usually run for a week at most.** Blitz missions can last for only 24 to 48 hours, and tend to be much harder to accomplish. However – these missions often come with incentives and prizes ranging from giveaways, swag bags, and even Amazon giftcards! Keep an eye out for them as they come and go in the blink of an eye.

Finally – MEET THE BLOGGER is a Q&A feature I created and host here on Reckless Indulgence. Its sole purpose is to allow the blogger’s followers the opportunity to get to know them better. It works sort of like a meme, so anyone can join in this, if they want. For more info, click here!



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