21 Things That Will Make Sense To Writers (reblog – I just had to share this)

You know when someone asks you the questions:

“How’s the book going?”

And you just sorta look at them like they sprouted ten heads and an eel tail?Well here’s the perfect list for those moments…


[article source – written by Erin Chack (BuzzFeed Staff)]

1. When your story has a strong beginning and end but no middle:

When your story has a strong beginning and end but no middle:

2. When you think about the characters you’ve created:

When you think about the characters you've created:


3. When people ask you how the writing is going:

When people ask you how the writing is going:

For My Writers Out There, Handy Microsoft Word Shortkeys

Hullo, fellow bloggers, readers, writers, and passersby!

Found this neat little graphic with helpful shortcut keys for Microsoft Word (and, like, everything intarwebs, too…)

Note of point — I won’t lie, I haven’t checked all of these yet, and – of course – if you’ve already customized any of these in your own program, then they won’t work… but yeah. So long as everything is still in the preset function, you’re good to go.

Definitely gonna check these out later tonight and make sure no one fucked up the chart though. (But from what I can see, it all looks good.)


Let me know if this chart is missing anything! I’ll try to edit it and add ’em in. (Also if anybody sees a mistake before I do, lemme know that too! )

An Extremely Scientific Representation of the Writing Process


I’d have to say this isn’t all that accurate. I mean, I never delete what I write. I just leave it there and make a new document where I start over again. Sometimes that crap is super useful, y’know!

“Also drinking coffee” and “looking for just the right music” need to be WAAAAAY bigger. Also needs to add “coming up with the entire story in your head with color, sound, action scenes, the whole nine yards, then trying to write it but realizing you forgot it all so you bemoan and don’t write anything at all.” 8D

Planning Your Novel

Now you most certainly don’t have to do all of these, or you might have to do more than just these, but either way, these tips are a good way to get your thoughts together, especially if you are typically one to forget things big and small, have a hectic schedule, come up with new ideas on the fly, or plan to write something with a significant amount of history, backstory, and characters.