For My Writers Out There, Handy Microsoft Word Shortkeys

Hullo, fellow bloggers, readers, writers, and passersby!

Found this neat little graphic with helpful shortcut keys for Microsoft Word (and, like, everything intarwebs, too…)

Note of point — I won’t lie, I haven’t checked all of these yet, and – of course – if you’ve already customized any of these in your own program, then they won’t work… but yeah. So long as everything is still in the preset function, you’re good to go.

Definitely gonna check these out later tonight and make sure no one fucked up the chart though. (But from what I can see, it all looks good.)


Let me know if this chart is missing anything! I’ll try to edit it and add ’em in. (Also if anybody sees a mistake before I do, lemme know that too! )

2 thoughts on “For My Writers Out There, Handy Microsoft Word Shortkeys

  1. Anastasia says:

    I know in Word you can somehow make your own shortkeys too 😀
    Like my surname has letter é so I made own shortkey for it… … (don’t know why, seemed like a good idea at a time) My memory is good but short never remember this stuff after few days and also end up typing with two fingers in stead of ten hahaha

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    • amomentsilence says:

      So true! I’ve done that myself particularly with marcos since I do a lot of repetitive stuff that goes sooo much faster when you’ve got a long sequence of actions all smushed into a single key. :3

      Ahaha, I know that feeling! Sometimes I forget things right after I do them or make them too and end up doing something the hard way again even though there’s an easier way to do things. (aka marcos *ehem*) xD

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