[Webcomic Review] 14 Nights (COMPLETE)

v1frontcover14 Nights

Kristina Stipetic

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This story is about a guy who is afraid of sex.

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So… the story is about a guy who is afraid of sex.

But trust me, it’s about so much more than that. This is a brilliant piece of fiction and artistry – both in the storytelling and the art – that has captivated me for over x years. I have been following this strange, and yet poignant tale from its first pages and can honestly say I am happy with the final results.

Unusual characters in an unusual story with an equally unusual ending. My only “problem,” you could say, is that Lucian is not so much afraid of sex, as he is just uninterested in it and lacks the desire for it. I mean, yes – to an extent, he is genuinely afraid of the idea of having sex with someone else. You can see that clearly in the nightmarish dreams he has so often through the pages. But it’s much more than that. Lucian is asexual, or some spectrum thereof. Probably aromantic. I’m not going to speculate further since titles aren’t used in the comic. Nevertheless, the story circles around this topic and the relationship he eventually builds with Nikita, a man who loves him and whom he too loves just as much.

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Because of the obvious nature of the content: nudity, sex, cursing, and some horror-esque graphic imagery.

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The answer to both questions is right here.

You can read it for free here! Just click the link.

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Yup! A whole bunch. xD

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Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: Self-published (I believe…)
Publication Date: (Completed) May 2014
Format: electronic, webcomic
Pages: 128
Genre: Webcomic, Romance, M/M Romance,
QUILTBAG / LGBTQUI, Asexual, Disabled /
Handicap Main Characters, Contemporary
Fiction, Comic / Graphic Novel, Sex, Nudity,
Age: Young Adult / New Adult (I think…)
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
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Webcomic of the Day: Metanoia

Ughhh… I love this webcomic so much! I’ve been a fan for quite awhile, but then stopped reading (because I do that sometimes) in order to let the chapters build up, and boy, did it paid off!

The art’s gotten SO much better — as has the storytelling.


Only In Dreams by Melukilan

Only In Dreams by Melukilan

Metanoia’s an incredible read, full of all sorts of weird and bizarre and wonderful, and one webcomic I would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a Dark Fantasy, Dystopian SciFi, M/M romance-y… thing.


Actual synopsis is here XD :

When the first rebel angels fell, some of the angels still loyal to the Light made it their mission to counter the new demons’ schemes. Their war continues to this day. The battlefield is Free Will; humans are both the weapons and the prize. Over the ages, the opposing groups stationed on the material plane have developed into two organizations: the Veil, demons working to corrupt mankind, and the Foundation, angels working to block the Veil’s plans and repair the damage.

Both sides are bound by strict rules. The demons only follow these rules because breaking them frees the angels from the same constraints. They may not use their powers on mortals, nor manifest fully in their true forms. To get past these limits, they inhabit mortals. The demons possess their mortals completely, pushing out the mortal soul and reshaping the body as they please. The angels come only when invited, to mortals who channel them voluntarily.

And then there are the witches, psychics, and magi on both sides… Not to mention that *everybody* gets to play with lots of guns… It’s lucky for us ordinary folks that the two sides are locked in eternal stalemate, and refuse to escalate to open war.

Um… they’re *not* going to escalate to open war, are they? Are they?

Artists/Writers (Sarah Cloutier & Jesse Hajicek) are both located DeviantArt here and here. The comic’s website is here.