[Book Review] The Authorized Ender Companion

The Authorized Ender Companion

Orson Scott Card (creator), Jake Black (writer)

What rating would you give it?
2.5 of 5 Stars

Give us a summary.

(Taken from Goodreads)

The Authorized Ender Companion is a complete and in-depth encyclopedia of all the persons, places, things and events in Orson Scott Card’s Ender Universe.  Written by Jake Black under the editorial supervision of Card himself, The Authorized Ender Companion will be an invaluable resource for readers of the series.

If you ever wondered where Ender went after he left Earth, before he arrived at Lusitania, you’ll find the answer here.  If you ever wondered how the battle room worked, you’ll find the answer here.   If you forgot the names of the people who discovered the Descolada, the answer is here.  The history of Gloriously Bright’s world?  Here.

The Authorized Ender Companion contains all that and more. There are character biographies, time-lines, colony histories, and family trees.

What did you think of the book?

Eh… it was okay. I don’t really have much else to say about it. It’s not nearly as awesome as the synopsis describes. I picked it up solely for the purpose of reference material for a book I was working on at the time. Furthermore, I thought it would be a good idea to have a guidebook for the Ender series on my shelves for that once in a blue moon situation where I forget something and want a quick look-up.

In truth, the book wasn’t half as spectacular as it should have been. Most guidebooks I’ve read are simply fabulous.

This one, was not.

Any warnings you wish to make for your readers?

None particularly.

Does it count towards any reading challenges?

A couple. The usual.

Would you recommend this book?

Probably not, unless you were looking for a reference book specifically for the Ender game. But even so, I would say go borrow it from the library or something. Don’t pay for it. It’s not worth it.

Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: Tor Books
Publication Date: November 2009
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 432
Genre & Themes: Science Fiction,
Reference, Fiction, Encyclopedia / Dictionary,
Guide books
Age: Adult
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Bought
Challenge2015 Good Reads Reading Challenge (??),
52 Books in 52 WeeksYou Read How Many Books?,
Read A Million Pages105 Reading Challenge

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