[Book Review] Murderess (The Exile of Greywall’d Saga, Book 1)


(The Exile of Greywall’d Saga, Book 1)

Daya Marnin

What rating would you give it?
4 of 5 Stars

What did you think of the book?

First off, lemme just tell you that that cover was all I needed to want to read this book. It’s STUNNING, and intriguing, and who wouldn’t at least want to pick it up and find out what it’s about?


The beginning is REALLY captivating with this strange boy falling out of the sky, and it really sucks you in. You soon find yourself in the truly bizarre world of Lu Killer, our resident “Murderess” (whatever that means… she’ll find out later on), who suddenly finds herself the target of… well… EVERYONE. (At least it sure as hell seems that way!)

I enjoyed it quite a bit, although I think my biggest quip lies with translation errors and editorial flaws. The writing itself is well done, and the story and characters are interesting and engaging. I think once some things are corrected (hopefully for the final published piece) I will enjoy reading it again!

Would you recommend this book?


Probably? Maybe? I’m a little on the fence with this one mostly because I think the current version I read boosted translation and editorial problems, which can be discouraging to any reader, especially if the story itself is actually really good, but the translator isn’t. Who knows? I think I would suggest it to people, but let them know about the translation problems and then let them decide, y’know?

Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: Morphus
Publication Date: May 2014
Format: eBook, ARC
Pages: 270
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy,
Strong Female Lead,
Age: Young Adult (YA)
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Provided by NetGalley
Challenge: 2014 Good Reads Reading Challenge (100)



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