Some Kirby Crow Book Updates (The King of Forever, Hammer and Bone, and other titles…)

FYI This post is more for me than for you. XD You can totally skip this if it has no baring to your life whatsoever. I just frequently stalk certain people or books for updates, even if they’re unconfirmed ones. XD Recently, Kirby Crow has had my attention for several reasons, but I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up too much as I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for what seems like forever.

So imagine my surprise when I took a little peak on Kirby Crow’s website, and wouldn’t you know? There were a couple changes there — first and foremost being a new book listing! WITH PUBLICATION DATE!! AND A COVER!

kibry crow

THAT’S news, ain’t it?

‘Course the only thing that really matters to me at this point is TKOF, but y’know. >_____> Still waiting on the fourth book in the Scarlet and the White Wolf series, but here’s to hoping another month won’t go by without news or at least an official release date.


In other KC news, Hammer and Bone seems to be doing well. If you didn’t already know, the book is finally out! You can purchase it as an e-book and in print from Riptide Publishing and Amazon. I haven’t read it yet – which is really, REALLY sad – but I’m probably going to soon. I think I really wanted to read it in print form or something…. not digital, so that’s why I’ve been hanging back on it for so long. :/

Either way, I hope to correct that little situation soon. Maybe this weekend. Who knows? 🙂

Final update: (According to the author’s website)
Malachite (Book 1: Crossbones) is set to be released/published June of this year! I’m hoping the publication date won’t be pushed back because this one sounds REALLY interesting to me.

For those who haven’t even heard of this upcoming KC title, check out the description below:


Marion Casterline is the newly-appointed highwarden of Malachite, an ancient island city floating in a shallow part of the Lion Sea. Over the past five millennia, Malachite has at different eras in its history been destroyed, rebuilt, reviled, founded, glorified, forgotten, reinvented, and besieged. Now, in the aftermath of a brutal gang war that endured for decades, there is a new Peace. There is trade in Malachite, a busy harbor, and new life every year from the ritual of Aequora, which brings in expelled male citizens from the powerful and female-dominated mainland of Cwen.

The Aequora is vital, because Malachite is a city populated only by men. Without it, Malachite dies by inches.

Marion expects nothing more than the usual influx of exiles during Aequora, but the ritual goes terribly wrong and a plot is uncovered. Now Marion and his estranged partner, Jean Rivard, must return to their childhood home of the Zanzare slums to confront the ghosts of their past, and in doing so stir up a hornet’s nest of rebellion that threatens to destroy the fragile serenity that Marion has dedicated his life to preserve. . .

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