Just a week left until Halloweeeeen~ (Mwahahahaha~)


I don’t know about all of you, but I’m excited for next weekend. I haven’t had the opportunity to really enjoy All Hallows’ Eve for at least a year or more, so this will be a super special day for me. *fingers crossed* The weather seems to be cooperating here on the East Coast. (At least, for now.) We’ll see how everything turns out as the week progresses.

Just some fun things to make mention of:

  1. HauntoberFest is almost done! (Okay, so this isn’t really a happy thing to mention, but it is important.) I’ve had so much fun sharing some h25_41_news_fileaunting titles with you all. I hope you’ve enjoyed the process. This week will be filled with some more promising tales, so look forward to it! 🙂
  2. Friday night/Saturday morning will be our final HauntoberFest playlist! (…okay also not so happy news, but STILL IMPORTANT!) I’ll also be linking all the weekend lists in this post, so if you’ve missed anything, you can find them all in one place. Definitely enjoyed sharing some of my music with everyone. I hope you were able to find some new artists and songs to enjoy during the season.
  3. NANOWRIMO IS ABOUT TO BEGIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! (First, TRUE bit of good news thus far <3) I wait every year for this magical month of writing to start. It’s truly my time to bang out some incredible works. I’ll be making my first official post about the writing event Halloween night/All Saint’s Day. I’ve already come up with an idea, a title, and a plan. I am set to go! Anyone else planning to join this year’s National Novel Writing Month?
  4. The Secret Santa event is now only a month and a week away! I’ll have more details soon enough. For now, you can check out this post for current deets on the event. I hope we get lots of participants!
  5. Lastly, I’ll be starting back with book reviews and the like in Novemeber. I have a HUGE backlog that have sorta been put on the back-burner during October. I may or may not just dump them on here like a maniac over the course or a week. You have been forewarned. xD

Now here’s my question for you:

What’s your favourite thing about the season?

Is it the holiday itself or the shenanigans that occur all around the world? Is it the creepy aspect or fun lovin’ trick or treatin that makes you feel like a kid again?

Tell me in the comments! I’d love to get a discussion going. All opinions are welcome~


If you’ve missed anything from the HauntoberFest event, you can check out the tag: HauntoberFest 2015 or HauntoberFest playlist. You can also check the archive.


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