A Haunting Weekend Mix – Weekend Four

hauntoberfest header3-EDITTEDBANNER


Welcome back to our third musical weekend of haunting and thrilling sounds~

This weekend’s theme is…


…or what I like to call, “The Music Box” edition of our haunting mix.

Keep in mind — not every song on these playlists will be on your typical Halloween themes.

I tend to enjoy and respond to music as it moves me, so it’s very likely some songs will have NOTHING to do with Halloween at all. It’s just… a feeling you get when you hear them, y’know? Something silly which always makes you think of the trick-or-treatin’ pranks you did as a kid… or that haunting, chilling sensation you get when a song plays that makes you shiver or perhaps want to waltz outside under a moonlit sky.

These are far more of the darker variety, although a good many are simple somber with a hint of death lingering about…

As always, my hope is that these songs will move you as they do me.


i. music box – nox arcana //  ii. lost in the darkness – nox arcana //  iii. melody of grievance – dgm ost 3 // iv. angel of dead – epica // v. autumn’s music No. 1 – max richter // vi. an ending (ascent) – brian eno // vii. a nightmare on elm street – charles bernstein // viii. tristesse – artésia // ix. larva’s theme (waltz) – vpm ova ost // x. amber asylum – black waltz // xi. a god that breeds pestilence – elend silent slumber



i. dancse macabre – philharmonia orchestra //  ii. a night on bare mountain – mussorgsky & leibowitz // iii. grave of maria – dgm ost // iv. toccata and fugue (in d minor organ) – bach // v. o mistress mine – emilie autumn // vi. scream – marco beltrami // vii. frankenstein’s monster – henry jackman // viii. resident evil theme – charlie clouser // ix. august’s rhapsody – mark mancina // x. the raven – nox arcana // xi. libera me – elliot goldenthal // xii. heart of courage – two steps from hell


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