TIL – The Book As An Art Form… Airan Kang’s “Luminous Words”

On another edition of Today I Learned, I must confess – I’ve been neglecting Tumblr for quite some time. Mostly because I was getting absolutely nothing done and actually WANTED to be productive (although I was finding all sorts of fantastic, asinine, artful, intuitive, funny, HILARIOUS, erotic, HYPER erotic, newsworthy and creative things on my dash).

Now I know this doesn’t seem like something that important to anyone, but it is to me. Tumblr, strange as it sounds, has been a wealth of knowledge, resources, and networking for me over the years and I don’t know what I would have done without it. That is why my disappearance from it has actually effected me somewhat negatively. (I swear I had NO IDEA what’s been happening in the world as of late, since I rarely actually sit down and watch the news. That’s what Tumblr was for.)

However I’ve rectified this and – sadly? happily? – returned to my old ways earlier this week. As to be expected, I found all sorts of lovelies.

One of them was this:

Luminous Words: Glowing Books by Airan Kang

South Korean artist Airan Kang creates striking illuminated books or “electronically luminescent sculptures cast from transparent synthetic resin” for her Luminous Words series.

The books are currently on exhibition at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York. digital lighting books

“Featuring an ambitious installation of over one hundred digital lighting books and new LED paintings, Luminous Words furthers Kang’s exploration into the ontology and evolution of the book as a source of knowledge in the digital era.


I swear, without Tumblr I miss out on all the important things of life. *has already planned to go see the exhibit before it’s gone*

So for all you Yorkers out there or those looking for someplace in the New York area to go, you might want to check it out a the Bryce website. The exhibit opens May 7th and lasts until June 13th.