Liebster Award


Hullo reckless indulgers~ Lookie what I got a couple of weekends ago! 😀 A big thanks and tackle-hugs to the lovely CK over at CKReads for the nomination! I’m quite honored and humbled to accept the award.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Answer the eleven questions that were asked by the blogger(s) who nominated you
  2. Nominate 11 bloggers (if you can) that have less than 200 followers
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The Questions:

1. What book genre would you like to check into that you normally never read?

A: Ohh, this is a tough one! Hmm… well I suppose I would like to get back into reading historical fiction? Like… pure historical fiction. XD I don’t generally read solo genres. They’re usually a combination of several different genres in one, y’know? Like Dark Fantasy Romance or Science Fiction Romance Horror, or something. I remember reading some really good straight-up historical fiction when I was waay young. I need to find books like that again and get buried in the re-imagined past.

2. What book character would you like to hang out with if you were having a bad day?

A: ….I probably wouldn’t want to hang out with anyone if I was having a bad day. COME BACK TOMORROW lol XD

But no – trying to be more serious here. UM. I really wouldn’t want to hang out with anyone on a bad day, but I guess I’d pick someone grumpy or mischievous so we can be grumpy together or go and make some trouble somewhere which would undoubtedly cheer me up. Loki would be fun as all hell to hang with. And Morpheus from the Splintered series. And Ushna and Tristan and their pack on their ranch (from Sumeria’s Sons series). Although… if I were to hang with them on their crazy ranch all sorts of hell would break loose and I’d probably be in a worse mood than I started so… maybe not them after all. 8D

3. What classic would you like to read or if you don’t know any which classic author would you like to read?

A: The Art of War by Sun Tzu. I have been meaning to read this for what seems like a BILLION years. One of these days, Imma buy a copy, pull up a chair, and READ.

4. What book do you think young reader should read to bring forth a hunger to devour books?

A: Goodness. Uh… well I’d say a series of some sort. The kind that starts up around the time they first begin reading or is only a few books in and they can quickly catch up on.

For me, that series was Animorphs, which I started reading from book 1 when it first came out in ’96. I would still recommend it even now because it was a truly engaging series that had me constantly looking for the next book (a few months later). They’re short (only around 150-190 pages each) and not only introducing young readers to the genres of sci-fi and fantasy, but also to ANIMALS. What kid doesn’t like animals? Each book focuses on different types and — the original ones, anyway — had this really cool feature at the bottom with flip-art that transformed the narrating character into whichever animal was on the cover. IT WAS AWESOME AND I LOVED IT SO HARD.

I also got me into the interest of sequential art and animation, so BONUS!


5. Which animal do you think would be your daemon (see the golden compass book or movie summary if you have never read the book)

A: Well I think my daemon would need to change genders constantly to keep up with me, but besides that it would probably be Cat, Siberian Tiger, Coyote, Snowy Owl, or the Komodo Dragon. Or it would never settle and switch between any one of those whenever it best suits me. I doubt my daemon would ever settle, honestly so. There we go!

6. For the people who wish to be authors: If you could be apprenticed by your favorite author who would it be and why (which skill could they help you learn)? For book lovers in general: Which of your favorite authors would you love to spend the day with and what would you plan on doing?

A: Ugh, no thanks! It’s not that I think I don’t need the help but… I think many other writers and authors feel the same way. You don’t really want someone else telling you how they think you should write. It’s all fine, well, and good to get some pointers here and there, or to read something and be like, “WOAH! That scene was really, fuckin’ GOOD.” But… no. I already had a similar sort of thing happen to me and it fucked me up for years until I could come back to writing and not hear them in my head telling me, “Oh and remember to do this or that!” or “Don’t do that! You shouldn’t do that that way!” and… ASDFGHJKL:LKJH

200_s (8)

As to who I’d want to hang with for a day? …Poppy Z. Brite of the olden days. And we’d be discussing and possibly testing out various ways to kill and/or mutilate our characters in the most horrific and disturbing ways possible.

And maybe also who we think should fuck their corpses.

Because… well… Exquisite Corpse, folks.

7. What book do you like, but seems to get not the best reviews either in the blogging world or good reads?

A: Hmm, I can’t think of one off the top of my head, but I know some friends are all iffy about The Song of Achilles or didn’t really like it as much as THEY SHOULD HAVE—*cough cough* I mean, than I did. 8D Luckily goodreads, amazon, and elsewhere in the universe thinks highly of it. XD

8. Which book has inspired you to go or want to go to a different place/ or country and why?

A: Good Omens made me want to go to England and have dinner or tea at the Ritz, because WHY THE HELL NOT? Also to look for Aziraphale’s bookshop AKA his centuries old personal library.

And New Orleans, because of Lost Souls. Truthfully? I always wanted to go during Mardi Gras and check out the local… EHEM… establishments. *coughcough*

9. Who is your celebrity crush?

A: Don’t actually have one. I mean, there are some people I love seeing in films, tv shows, and the like, but there’s no one I’m crazy for. Sorrynotsorry 😛

10. Book genre you crave lately?

A: WELL. I’ve been reading a lot of manhua recently and Chinese bl novels. (Why? IDUNNO. DUN ASK.) And good speculative science fiction with emphasis on AGS and gender norms of the “what if” spectrum. But besides that? Hmm, well… it’s not so much a GENRE as it is TOPIC. I’ve been hunting around books about fairies and elves, be they fiction or otherwise. DON’T ASK. PLEASE. XD

11. What is your tip to beat a reading slump?

A: Reading slump? What’s that? XD *no seriously, had to go Google it* …..this… has NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSASDFGH I think it’s probably because I never stay on one thing for very long, or I read a certain something – genre, romantic pairing, author, topic, whathaveyou – until I’m satisfied (for now) and then go to something else that catches my attention.

I’m also VERY picky when it comes to books. I don’t just go along with what everyone else is reading, even if EVENTUALLY I end up reading it and liking it or not. I read what I read when I feel like it whenever that is. I won’t be pressured into reading something just because someone else wants me too. Doesn’t matter HOW awesome it is.

I generally find books read better when you’re in the right frame of mind for what you’re reading.

So… yeah… I guess that’s my advice! Try different things to read! Don’t just stick to one thing! Try out different genres, read fanfiction, REREAD YOUR FAVOURITE BOOKS! (this one’s real important! – it’ll help you remember what you love about reading or simply about that book, series, or author), and just…. don’t force yourself to read just because you think that’s what you should be doing. Don’t let yourself fall into complacent illiteracy, mind you! But… read what you WANT to read, when it feels right to do it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 🙂


My Questions:

  1. If you had a magical pen, quill and ink, or pencil that would give you the power to bring anything you wrote down to life, would you use it and if you would, what would you draw or write?
  2. Do you ever make playlists for the books that you read? If so, do you ever think of posting those playlists online for others to enjoy?
  3. What was the last series you read and enjoyed? Talk a little about what made it so enjoyable.
  4. What’s one genre you just can’t stand? What about it makes you hate it so?
  5. We all have some tall tales, so what’s yours? What is the most outrageous way you’ve bought, been gifted, or otherwise acquired a book?
  6. Which book have you neglected reading solely due to laziness?
  7. What book has been on your TBR the longest, and what is it about?
  8. What’s one book on your TBR that practically everyone has read but you?
  9. Of all the gorgeous libraries and bookstores that exist in the world, is there one in particular you really, REALLY want to visit?
  10. Which fictional book character is literally your soul mate or twin?
  11. What book are you really craving for right now?


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