Annnnnd we’re back!

So the site is now up and running properly and most (not all) of the updates I wanted to get up are there.

I’m going to be uploading a barrage of posts over the next 48 hours of backposts that I held off while updating the site. Hopefully they won’t overwhelm. XD

–Oh yeah! That’s right. You’ll want to know all the cool areas I’ve included.

First off, check out the ABOUT PAGE, as it will serve as your guide.

I’ve also

  • updated the Frequently Used Terms & Phrases page.
  • Added Categories (which are still under construction or mostly empty. That will change pretty quickly though…) to the side menu
  • added a Sticky Notes area to the side menu
  • change the titular image for the blog (because this one’s soo much more lively)
  • and added a shitton of new pages everywhere. Like I said, check the About page. It will have pretty much all of them listed there.

That’s basically it. I’ll be posting again real soon. Expect the next “real” post to be within the next half hour. 😉


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