Well that attempt was a SPECTACULAR disaster

Gotta say a big “Sorry!!!” to everyone who may have been looking for those updates for the blog since… uhh… SATURDAY… but I ended up needing this time to finish my Magnum Opus for class.

(I’M FINALLY DONE WITH EVERYTHING THOUGH! IT’S A MIRACLE!! I’d just like to thank my mom, the universe, and every single late night playlist I ever played over the course of these last five months. You all got me through hell. Literally.)

So now that that’s done, I’ll finally be able to work on this blog. ^^;; Hopefully, this time, the updates will actually be up in a few hours.

Let me know what you think after it’s all done. Any suggestions or additions you think might be good to add in the future are absolutely welcome, too! I’d definitely love to hear your thoughts~

Be well, everyone! I’ll talk to you soon.
–  amomentsilence

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