End to Another Unannounced Hiatus!!

Whoops! So I didn’t mean to literally disappear for weeks, but I’ve had RL taking over with a vengeance.

In the last month, I’ve been to five different funerals for five different friends. And ALL FOR GRANDMOTHERS. (Watch out, folks! It might be an epidemic!) I swear, if all of mine weren’t already gone (Rest in peace grandmammies. <3) ) I’d legit be worried right about now.


At any rate (and besides how I feel on the INSIDE), I think all of the death and sadness and mourning is more or less over (good grief, its gotta be!) So I’m back now! I’ll be starting off with some book reviews and maybe a few features that have caught my attention recently.

And as usual, our weekly scheduled Reckless Beats on Mondays as per usual. Since yesterday was the funeral for yet another dear sweet grandmother, this week’s Reckless Beats will be a little somber to reflect that.

Expect your weekly dose of music in a couple hours when I can get away from work. ❤


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