IT’S DONE! The N.E.W.T.S. Readathon 2019 is OVER

I don’t know whether to be crying or thanking the heavens or upset or just grateful it’s over. XD

Although I really wish I could have finished my ridiculously long TBR schedule — no matter how impractical it was from the get-go — I’m super proud of myself for actually getting REALLY, REALLY close to finishing it! (I was le shock when I started crossing off titles from my list.)



At any rate… I did a pretty good job considering! And I only had to rearrange maybe two books? Although I did have to do a LOT of replacing of some titles to fit different prompts xD Whoops



(You can also see the archive here)


I was really thrown off by the MC’s name “Malik” (It’s the name of one of my own characters so I just couldn’t get past that while reading the book :/) This one had promise, too! And had I a few more days, I might have been able to power through it regardless of my own quirk regarding the name. Oh well…


Just couldn’t seem to get into or even WANT to pick it up. This was a impulse grab from my local library because the synopsis sounded good, but since I’ve never read the first book, I guess I was just at a loss to even WANT to pick it up again once I got it home since I figured it’d just be too much work and waste too much time trying to figure out what the hell’s happening in it. :/ On a side note, I might pick this title up again later once I get my hands on the first book.



Based on this, my career path has been chosen…

I’m a Author-Librarian Astronomer with interests in Magizoology striving to one day apply for and be accepted to a position in the Department of Mysteries.

Ambitious little wizard, aren’t I? xD

Guess that’s why I’m both Ravenclaw AND Slytherin. My thirst for knowledge, creativity, and individuality can only be matched by my drive to accomplish my goals in (almost) whatever means necessary.


How did everyone else fair? What illustrious careers did you strive for? Did you reach your goals? Did you fall short like me (ughhhhhh) but still feel satisfied with the end result? Or did you come nowhere close and want to try again next year when the O.W.L.S. come around?

Leave a comment and let’s chat about our many triumphs and woes as August comes to a close and September begins!


Because of how ungodly long my previous post was, I figured a separate post might be in order to keep track of everything.



  • E in History (2)
  • A in Muggle Studies (1)
  • A in 1 more subject of my picking (1) — Transfiguration


  • O in Ancient Runes (3)
  • E in DADA (2)
  • E in History (2)


  • O in Care of Magical Creatures (3)
  • E in Charms (2)
  • E in Herbology (2)

Dept. of Mysteries

  • O in Charms (3)
  • O in DADA (3)
  • O in Potions (3)
  • O in Transfiguration (3)


  • O in Astronomy (3)
  • O in Arithmancy (3)
  • A in History (1)


As previously mentioned, the books selected in this list as… tentative. Meaning if I end up reading something else that works for one of these categories, BY GOD I’M GONNA USE IT INSTEAD. xD








  • A: an audiobook or green cover [IDFK] [Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (Hogwarts Library) by Newt Scamander] ♥ READ ♥ 
  • E: a book between 350-390 pages long [NO CLUE YET ahahahah 8D Maybe when I check my copy later I’ll see about either “The Dispossessed” or “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin or maybe “The Martian” by Andy Weir….. I’m pretty sure one of those are within range (hopefully) Okay, so technically ANY of those can work because they all fall within that 350-390 range (Go me!!) so yeah… I’ll probably go with… one of Ursula’s because she’s mah fav <3] ♥ READ ♥  





Another Not-So-Quick Announcement! “Shhh!! N.E.W.T.S. Are In Session!” #NEWTSREADATHON2019

I won’t go into too, too much detail about this one, but as you can see something… magical… is afoot!

I recently came across a post by @yvo about these really cool Harry Potter themed readathons called O.W.L.S. and N.E.W.T.S. which takes place in April (for the O.W.L.S.) and August (for the N.E.W.T.S.). This is the second year it’s being run and apparently it’s got quite a following!

Now, typically you’d have to have completed your O.W.L.S. before you can take your N.E.W.T.S. and the same is true for this readathon, but since I LITERALLY ONLY FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS A WEEK AGO, there’s just NO WAY I could try doing my O.W.L.S. first before starting this month’s N.E.W.T.S.

There’s a lot of rules to this readathon, so for those interested, all the information is linked below, but honestly all you need to do is watch this delightful video by the very creator of this magical readathon, Book Roast herself!

And if you want to learn more about the O.W.L.S. in preperation for next year (I presume??), check out the 2019 O.W.L.S. announcement below:




Magical recommendations of best books from OWLs 2019…

Smaller file version……
In white background:…

N.E.W.T.s 2019 letter & prompts!…
In white:…

Forbidden section book BD link:… * This is the book you can use to replace any other prompt with!

Book tracker for common page count to be used during the NEWTs 2019

Magical Readathon playlist:…

Magical Twitter…

Magical Discord



As for me — I’m super terrible at deciding on a single career, so I ended up just picking the ones I liked most or would most likely want to do, and ended up with this ridiculously massive reading schedule which I’m quite sure I’ll never finish in time for Aug 31st. (But here’s to overachieving and setting impossible goals!! 8DD)

The careers that SPEAK TO ME:

  • Writer
  • Librarian
  • Magizoologist
  • MOM – Dept. of Mysteries
  • Astronomer

What that translates to in terms of books are as follows:

For the Writer career, I need an E in History, A in Muggle Studies, and an A in 1 more subject of my picking = 4 books

For the Librarian career, I need an O in Ancient Runes, an E in DADA, and an E in History = 7 books

For the Magizoologist career, I need an O in Care of Magical Creatures, E in Charms, and E in Herbology = 7 books

For any Ministry Worker position, I would need an A in… Charms, DADA, Potions, and Transfiguration, but to be placed in the Dept. of Mysteries (which is ACTUALLY the only supposed “desk job” I’d be interested in), I need at least 4 O’s at the N.E.W.T. lvl in any class.

(So to make things easier on myself, I’m just striving for O’s in the four classes listed above, bringing the total for this one to a whooping 12!)

And finally, for the Astronomer career, I need O in Astronomy, and O in Arithmancy, and an A in History = 7 books

That all comes up to… lord37 books!!

However, since many of these N.E.W.T.S. overlap with one another (e.g. I need to complete the “History” N.E.W.T.S. for 3 different careers: Astronomer, Librarian, AND Writer), I’m not reading separate books for each career. That means, I’ll read to the highest “grade” needed in each N.E.W.T.S. for ALL careers and then apply those read books to whatever career it falls under.

For instance, I only need an A in History for the Astronomy career, but for Librarian and Writer I need an E.

So I’ll read 2 books for History to be qualified for an “E”, and apply the “A” grade book to Astronomy and the “A” & “E” grade books to both the Librarian and Writer careers.

Make sense?

Which means, in reality, I’ll only be reading 29 books instead of a beastly 37.

(It’s still an awful bloody lot, gods above and below…)


So far, I’m actually doing somewhat okay.

Just, y’know, gotta not think about the fact that I basically have to read 29 books in 31 days! 8DDDDD


(send help)

for this readathon goes as follows:








  • A: an audiobook or green cover [IDFK]
  • E: a book between 350-390 pages long [NO CLUE YET ahahahah 8D Maybe when I check my copy later I’ll see about either “The Dispossessed” or “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin or maybe “The Martian” by Andy Weir….. I’m pretty sure one of those are within range (hopefully)]






As you can well see, I’m going to have my hands full over the next month. So this is just a notice to all my lovely followers out there that there will less content posted on this blog during that time. I literally cannot be posting every day, or even every other day, if I also want to try getting through 29 books in a single month’s time.

That being said, I will still try to post whenever I can, but I just wanted to let y’all know that I haven’t disappeared again xD I’m just holed up somewhere reading like a true book dragon ought. ❤

Is anyone else doing this AMAZING challenge this month? Comment below and link back to your own posts/blogs/etc. where you’re keeping track of your progress! I’d love to follow you along this journey. :3

Quick Announcement! This Week Is Sci-Fi & Fantasy Week On GoodReads!!!

No, of course I didn't just steal this right from GoodReads... What are you even talking about... >.>;;;

Gosh! I wish I had known about this in advance!! Definitely would have made a bigger deal about this than I can now at this point, nearly two days into the week. Ughhh…. @___@

At any rate…


I honestly hope you’re as excited about this as I am. xD I literally squealed when I opened GoodReads a couple minutes ago and saw that banner running across the top proclaiming to all it’s THE BEST WEEK EVER.

As many of you may know, SFF (Sci-Fi&Fantasy) is literally my favourite genre around (along with LGBTQUIA+ & manga/manhua/manhwa) and I’ve been dying to have an excuse to try powering through as many fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction (which falls under the heading of SF) as I can. What better reason than a whole week dedicated to the pursuit of the fanciful, probable, improbable, and weird.

Personally I’m gonna try to read any one of these (or maybe all three! ahahaah yeah right… >___>):


What sci-fi or fantasy book(s) will you dive into this week? Leave a comment below!

My Self-Imposed 2019 Reading Challenge

Hullo everyone! How have you all been?

As you can see from the title, today’s topic is about what “challenges” I’ve been working on this year.

Normally, I’d enter all sorts of reading challenges to keep me busy and also motivate me to read all sorts of genres or find interesting music selections to suit the books I read.

This year, however, I didn’t do that.

Continue reading

My 2016 Reading Challenges


divider‘Bout time I put this up here, huh?

As you can see, I’m halving the amount of challenges I do this year. Only got 7 this time! XD


CHALLENGE 1. GoodReads’ A To Z Challenges: Title


Info can be found here

Keeping track of…

GOAL: Read a book where the TITLE begins with every letter from A to Z. (Note: A, An, and The don’t count.) For Q, X, Y, and Z, you can use any book with those letters in the title.

DURATION: Jan 1st – Dec 31st



CHALLENGE 2. Goodreads


Link to my challenge details

GOAL: Read 116 books this year.

DURATION: Jan 1st – Dec 31st




Info can be found here

GOAL: Complete the chart by reading 24 books that fit the criteria.

DURATION: Jan 1st – Dec 31st


CHALLENGE 4. NetGalley & Other ARC Services

badge netgalleyThere is no specific challenge for this — that I know of — so this one is a personal goal for me.

GOAL: To try to keep up with the books I request, and read and review them in a timely fashion.

SECONDARY GOAL: Read at least 30 ARC, NG, or review copy books.

DURATION: Jan 1st – Dec 31st



CHALLENGE 5. 9th Annual Graphic Novels & Manga Challenge 2016

263677272Info can be found here

Sign up: HERE

GOAL: Reach the Silver Age level. Read and review 52 books during the year

DURATION: Jan 1st – Dec 31st




Info can be found here

Sign up: HERE

GOAL: Reach Level “Purple = 41- 50 books”. The books must be reviewed and must contain an LGBTQIA main character. The review can be any kind of review you want, traditional, a few sentences, a vlog review. Anything goes.

DURATION: Jan 1st – Dec 31st


CHALLENGE 7. Out of This World Reading Challenge


Info can be found here

Sign up: HERE

GOAL: Attempting the CyberSpace Sensuality Level (30-50 books). The books must have both sci-fi and romantic elements. Rereads and ARCs are acceptable. REVIEWS ARE NOT NECESSARY.

DURATION: Jan 1st – Dec 31st


Annnd that’s it! Let’s make this a GREAT reading year!



I’M BACK!! I’M BACK!! (Thank goodness!! @__@)

HELLO EVERYONE! I’m baaaaaaaaaaack~!

S’good to be back! What a crazy few weeks it’s been!

First off, I must apologize for being completely nonexistent here on Reckless Indulgence. I was locked out of my account for about a month and couldn’t find a way back in. I could look at the site, see all your lovely comments and likes and the rest, but could do nothing about it.

Thankfully, everything’s working now and I have full access to my site so we can get this year started, albeit a little late, but started nonetheless. 🙂

dividerYear of 2015 In Review:

…Some end of the year things…

So, let’s see.

  1. We had all the wonderful end of the year holidays and such. (Soon, there will be a few more (at least for me) and then — shockingly — we’ll be in February of 2016! Can you believe that???) Or at least, I should have, but didn’t really get the chance to enjoy it. The last two weeks of December were utter mayhem for me, and didn’t get any better as I continued into 2016. Note of point: I ended the year with a death (on Christmas Day no less 😦 ) and start the year with a funeral (thankfully not on my birthday, the 1st, but on the 3rd instead). Also, the company I work for merged with another company so they decided to screw around and misplace all my information — most importantly my pay info like DAYS before I was supposed to get paid. So yeah. And those were the LEAST hectic things that happened over that period of time. 8D;;;;
  2. Had our first two annual events here on Reckless Indulgence and I think they turned out very well! More information about that down below…
  3. Got a new job back in June — Better pay, though the hours are bleh. Still. Pay = good. Can’t ask for anything more than that, right? 😉
  4. Made some GREAT contacts over the year, especially with publishers, authors, and fellow bloggers. You guys make all of this worthwhile and loads of fun along the way.<3
  5. Reading Challenges. Wasn’t really keeping up with some of my reading challenges in the end months, but I think I still managed to finish most of them, which is INSANELY AWESOME, btw…
    1. 183 of 52. 52 Books in 52 Weeks by Robin of My Two Blessings.  — COMPLETED!
    2. 111 of 24. New To You 2015 Reading Challenge by Herding Cats & Burning Soup.  — COMPLETED!
    3. (At least) 63 of 20. Ethereal 2015 Reading Challenge by Riedel Fascination.  — COMPLETED!
    4. 90 of 52. 2015 Graphic Novels & Manga Reading Challenge by Graphic Novel & Manga Challenge.  — COMPLETED!
    5. 183 of 115. 2015 Good Reads Reading Challenge by GoodReads.  — COMPLETED! See it here.
    6. 129 of 57. LGBT Challenge 2015 by Niji Feels.  — COMPLETED!
    7. 4 of 4. Play On Reading Challenge by Half-Filled Attic.  — COMPLETED!
    8. ?? of 105. 105 Reading Challenge 2015 by Read Write Love 28. (Never got back to…)
    9. 33 of 12. 2015 The Re-Read Reading Challenge by Belle of the Literati and So Obsessed With.  — COMPLETED!
    10. 64 of 50. 2015 NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge by Falling For YA.  — COMPLETED!
    11. ???? of 1M pgs. Read One Million Pages by Smiling Shelves. (OH MY GOD — WAS NOT KEEPING COUNT AHAHAHA 8D;;;;;;; )
    12. 36 (but then I stopped counting…) of 10. 2015 Books N’ Tunes Reading Challenge by Delighted Reader.  — COMPLETED!
    13. 184 of 115. You Read How Many Books? by Book Dragon’s Lair.  — COMPLETED!
    14. 9 of 12. Monthly Motif & Monthly Keyword by Kim of Bookmark to Blog. (I have 9 confirmed ones, but then I sorta gave up and didn’t do the rest…. Whoops!)
    15. 6 of 12. The Eclectic Reader by Book’d Out.  (I have 6 definites, but I’m not sure about the rest.)
  6. Posts: 395 TOTAL! (Woah…)
    1. Reviews: 64
    2. Book Tours & Blitz: 26
    3. Reckless Beats (Music): 52
    4. Book Spotlight: 63
    5. Book Haul: 7 (aha… sooo much more than this xD)
    6. Bookish Things: 54
    7. TIL (Things I Learned): 6 (ugh… I gotta fix this in 2016…)
  7. (New) Events: 2
    1. HauntoberFest 2015  — SUCCESS!
    2. 2015 Secret Santa Winter Book Bash  — SUCCESS!

All in all, it seems to have been a REALLY good year! 🙂 I hope to do better this year, or at least keep everything going well from here on out. Hopefully the universe won’t try to hinder me (Although this year has not started off on the best note thus far. We’ll have to see… :/)

dividerPlans for the new 2016 Year

I don’t make resolutions, but here are some of the things I’d really like to see myself accomplish in this new year.

  1. Reviews. For all that is good and holy in this world, I need to get back into reviewing books. Even if I don’t get into the long, detailed reviews… I need to REVIEW THE BOOKS I READ.
  2. Read, read, always read. The past month was rough on the reading department. Nowhere near what I normally would accomplish, but RL was insanely rough.
  3. Write more. This one I never thought I would have to say, but truthfully, I haven’t really done as much writing as I used to and that SCARES THE LIVING SHIT OUTTA ME. I have so many ideas inside of me that just need to break loose… So many worlds and characters and stories and lives, loves, and woes that need telling… If anything gets in the way of that I will have to tell them to sod off before I break something.
  4. MORE. MUSIC. Not to say this will ever be a problem, but it might be some sort of cosmic sin if I don’t at least mention it.
  5. Blog consistently. Keep to at least 1-2 posts weekly. Hopefully more, but AT LEAST that. Also, try to add more to these areas:
    1. TIL (Today I Learned)
    2. Book Haul
    3. Book Reviews

That’s it for now!

Once again, it’s good to be back. 😉

The Re-Read Challenge Review ~ Update 1

THE LIST of Books I Re-Read This Month


  1. Of Last Resort by Megan Derr [Review]

WHAT I Remember

That it ended off kind of shitty for Telme and Korin. And OMFG WHAT A TWIST AT THE END NLDNSKDNKSLANDlksndKDNladnlk

Also, DRAGONS!!!!


WHY I Wanted to Re-Read

I finally got my hands on the second book, With Pride, and I need a refresher so I could jump right into things. 🙂


HOW I Felt After Re-Reading

ABSOLUTELY EXCITED FOR THE NEXT BOOK! I still really loved the first one, so my love remains. Those first few chapters will forever be my favourites though. *siiiiigh* I could easily re-read those alone over and over and over again~~


WOULD I Re-Read Again


That goes without saying. ❤

THAT’S A WRAP FOLKS! National Readathon Day ends (for me at least…)

Annnnnnd that’s a wrap for me, guys!

The four hour marathon is officially over for me, but I’m still going to continue reading. Was my plan for the day anyway. 😀

Got finished reading five books in the time alloted, which was AWESOME! Expect reviews either here or on GoodReads within the next couple days!

  1. Re-creation by Dusk Peterson
  2. In Despair (Princes of the Blood, Book #3) by Megan Derr
  3. Henni by Miss Lasko Gross
  4. Love (Volume 1: The Tiger)
  5. Wonderland (Age of Darkness) Volume 5
  6. *Finished reading*   The Memory of Blood and Lotuses by E. E. Ottoman

LESS THAN ONE HOUR (EAST COAST)! National Readathon Day is TODAY!

Just a quick reminder!
National Readathon Day starts in a little under ONE HOUR here on the East Coast!
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm INTL

For those of you who missed out on my previous post about it, you can check out more information here. Basically starting at 12:00pm INTERNATIONALLY, you are to read (preferably a book of some kind), and not stop reading until 4pm. That means wherever you are in the world, noon is when you begin! 🙂

It’s not a race to see how many books you can read in any given amount of time.

It’s simply to MAKE THE TIME TO READ.

The point is that so many of us do not make the time to read – in our day, in our week, in our months and years. Time flies by, while we’re constantly saying, “Oh, I’ll read that later” or “I can always get back to that some other time.”

Well, folks! TODAY IS YOUR TIME.

Make the time… and read.


I have a few candidates for what I was thinking of reading, but honestly it all rolls down to whatever sparks my interest when the clock strikes!

What books are you guys planning to read? Leave a comment letting me know!