[Book TBBReview] In Despair (Princes of the Blood, Book 3)

In Despair

(Princes of the Blood, Book 3)

Megan Derr

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(Taken from GoodReads)
Prince Telmé Guldbrandsen has been groomed since childhood to become a Prince of the Blood and Commander of the Legion. He will be the youngest person to ever take the Blooding—if he can behave long enough to prove he can be trusted with the responsibility. But behaving is difficult when he is constantly forced to endure Korin: heir to the Reach of the House and the Temple of the Sacred Three, and the snotty brat Telmé is expected to someday marry.

Then the unthinkable happens, leaving Castle Guldbrandsen—and the Legion—in pieces. Overwhelmed by fear and grief, Telmé convinces Korin to help him attempt the impossible. But rather than relief, Telmé’s triumph is met with anger and rejection …

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Note of point, I originally sorta skimmed In Despair on 1/22/15, but didn’t actually pick up the book to read until later. 🙂

Now, onto the review!

I gotta say, this wasn’t what I was expecting. AT ALL.

Thankfully, that means it was FANTASTIC and HIGHLY ENTERTAINING and WHOLLY PRECIOUS all rolled up in one.

I think, this one might just be my favour–second favourite in the series. XD I don’t know if I can ever like it better than the first book, which absolutely captured my imagination and made me fall in love with the wonder of this world, its characters, its customs, and its obvious build-up of potential storytelling that only grew and grew with each and every book. As I mentioned before in my review of With Pride, I truly love the aspect of moving backwards in time as you read each novel of this series, how with each book it builds on the last even as you descend further and further back in the original cast of characters’ lives. This story tells of the fateful events that led to Telme and Korin becoming the serious power-couple they are, as the youngest EVER Commander of the Legion and High Priest of the Sacred Three. I always wanted to know how they came to be who they were, ever since the first book when it was so obvious there was a story to be told there. I couldn’t have been happier with the results this book provided.

Now, lemme first start by saying — what little shits you both were! XDDD

god i hate you

oh my GOD you are both SO annoying but I can’t help but love you even more anyway ❤

What I really, REALLY did not understand, or perhaps didn’t grasp from the first novel, was that they were betrothed and – at least in Telme’s case – Blooded so young. (Telme wasn’t so bad since he was at least 17, but damn! Korin was only 15!) Furthermore, I didn’t realize they were such… oh, what’s the word? oh yes – BRATS for pretty much the duration of their ENTIRE younger lives. XD Hell – in fact, they never grew out of it (which I LOVE, by the way! XD) and continued to be as infuriating as they grew older. They just got a lot better at hiding it in front of others. XD I was really happy to be able to see them in a light that showed… that they were normal, average teenagers too. (Well, as normal and average as one could be given their circumstances.) They fought each other. They got emotional. They were both the most adorable crybabies, completely warranted for crying at the horrifying, COMPLETELY UNWARRANTED, fucked up, unbelievable events that literally turned their lives upside-down in a matter of days. And then kept their lives IN DESPAIR (aha? Aha? See what I did there? ;D ;D ) for longer than I think MY OWN sanity would have allowed before I tore the whole kingdom down and showed them what it means to be a half-demon.


Which only shows that Telme is seriously a better person than me. I wouldn’t have endured that crap for as long as he did. And Korin, too – although he needed to stop whining so much throughout the book. That’s probably my only quip. That, and the abrupt… uh… sorta ending because I would have really liked to see what happened after they walked into that hall [highlight for spoiler] after they defeated the Incubus and went to check to see if people still hated their guts or not[/end spoiler]. I also think the book would have been better had Korin’s side of the story been seen as much as Telme’s… Y’know. So we could get the chance to sympathize a little more with his troubles and worries, instead of just hearing him complain about it or only seeing it from Telme’s occasional glimpses into the disrespectful actions of the Priests and the rest of the Legion towards him. Those mere glimpses seemed overshadowed by the utter ridiculousness of Telme’s situation, and I think if we had followed Korin around in some chapters instead of Telme, seen how bad it was for him as well, I (at least) would have had a bit more sympathy for him. As it was, I often found myself groaning whenever I heard Korin once again go off in a rage, and only sometimes caught myself to remember that he had it just as bad, if not worse in the long run.

That being said… I really enjoyed this book. I wasn’t quite expecting some of the theatrics those two pulled in their misadventures or the turn of events that transpired in the walls of Castle Guldbrandsen, but hell, was it an amazing ride!

Highly recommended!

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Ehh… not really. There’s the usual blood and gore and youngins in bad situations, but nothing too horrific or graphic that you’ll lose your stomach. Some underage sexual situations, but no actual sex in this book.

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As per usual:

Would you recommend this book?


I think I said that already!

A P.S. for any potential readers: Although this series does NOT have to be read in order, I have the feeling that the reader would enjoy it better if read in its proper book order (books 1-2-3) and not in its time order (books 3-2-1). And if anyone wants to completely skip around, I would still suggest this book be read last. Something about… getting to meet these two in their older and, ehem, “wiser” selves first AND THEN reading about their teenage bumbling (and super-duper-holy-crap-rockin-woozers! heroics, too) makes it so much more… refreshing, I guess? It all sorta comes full circle to see that underneath those masks of professionalism are still two boys, who are still brats, but are also still so very much in love.

Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Publication Date: July 2014
Format: ebook, RvC
Pages: 221
Genre / Themes: Medieval Fantasy, Bisexual,
Paranormal, M/M Romance, Magic, QUILTBAG /
LGBTQUIA, Shifters, Demons, Pseudo-vampires,
Coming of Age, Idiot Teenagers, Royalty,
Nobility, Misunderstanding, War, Monsters,
Arranged Marriages, Love+Hate Relationships
Age: Young Adult / Adult (I think…)
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Provided upon request by Publisher/Author
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Books ‘N Tunes #1: With Pride

I was debating on how I’d want to chronicle my progress for the Books ‘N Tunes Reading Challenge, and I’ve finally decided on creating a single playlist on 8tracks with all the songs for each and every book I read for this challenge.

Each month, I’ll post one or two entries for the Books ‘N Tunes reading challenge and add to the 8tracks list. (Note: Until I have at least 8 songs on the list, the playlist can’t be published. When I’ve got at least 8 songs, I will update with a direct link to the playlist I’m tentatively calling “Watch My Eyes & Know I Lie.”) I’ll also add a brief review with cover image and basic book details to each entry as well, to complete the post.

So without further adieu, I present the first book and its accompanying song to be added to the list:


With Pride (Princes of the Blood, #2)
by Megan Derr

Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Publication Date: April 2014
Format: eBook, RvC
Pages: 164
Genre: M/M Romance, War, Love,
QUILTBAG / LGBTQUI, Twins, Family,
Arranged Marriage, Non-Sparkling
Vampires, Fantasy, Magic, Horror,
Blood & Gore
Age: Adult
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Provided by publisher
Challenges: 2015 Good Reads Reading Challenge (11),
52 Books in 52 WeeksYou Read How Many Books?,
2015 LGBT Reading Challenge, Read A Million Pages,
105 Reading Challenge, Books N Tunes


(taken from GoodReads)

When his sister falls ill, Kristof is ordered to assume a duty never meant for him: become the Duke of Stehlmore and marry a notorious Prince of the Blood. It is one of the oldest honors and duties undertaken by his family, but Kristof feels only resentment that he must leave behind all he knows to serve an arrogant half-demon.

His resentment must be set aside, however, when evil is found lurking far too close to the castle—an evil that has many pieces, controlled by someone they cannot find and who always seems one step ahead of them. Someone who seems to think that demons are little more than toys …


Can also be found on GoodReads

This one gets a solid 4 Stars.

I actually liked this one less than the first book, but still REALLY enjoyed it nonetheless. What I’m really loving – writing wise – is how the series is moving along backwards in time. That’s a really neat feature which I don’t see all that often in books I read. It definitely explains away some of the vagueness of the first book, especially in terms of the rest of the Legion, which we don’t really get to know too much about in the first novel. Now, in With Pride, we get to see yet another aspect of the Legion, and I can only suspect we’ll see yet another side in the final(???) installment to the series.

I cannot WAIT.


Nao Hiiragi – Requiem

Reason for choosing the song

It’s probably one of the saddest songs on the face of the plane—okay, so that’s not entirely true, but it is pretty frickin’ sad. XD The moment I started reading about Hakon’s backstory (especially about his brother… ughhhhhhhh @______@) I started hearing this song, faintly, in the back of my mind. By the time I was finished reading With Pride, this song was full blown taking over my consciousness and I was humming and singing it under my breath all night long.

I hate it. I hate this book. I hate this song. I hate LIFE.

But damn are they utterly perfect for one another.


Just go ahead then and break my damn heart. Not like I was using it anyway. T___________T


I wonder
Will you one day be able to tell me?
Without a doubt in a gentle voice
My soul is a sparkling star
Of drowning tears

A future of nothing but sadness that finally comes
I will sleep through it forever

I wonder,
Will I ever be able to let go of that hand?
I’m certain your gentle smile
Will shake my soul
And I will shed tears glittering like stars

Let me be by your side
Let this moment continues
The sky at dusk
And the dark blue nights
Are both being burned into my heart
As the days we spent together

[Book Review] Of Last Resort (Princes of the Blood, Book 1)

of last resort

Of Last Resort

(Princes of the Blood, Book 1)

Megan Derr

What rating would you give it?
4.5 of 5 Stars

What did you think of the book?

This book would have easily received full accolades from me and an even higher rating had the ending (and by “ending”, I mean the last 3 chapters) not felt so suddenly rushed. I felt like she suddenly realized how long the book had been going on and needed to end it immediately, so BAM, BAM, BAM! The End! XD Which actually wasn’t that horrible a thing to do, as the action and climax was gearing up to its peak anyway, so there is that.

Beyond This Point:   Sorta-Spoilers Abound!

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Prepare yourselves for a review barrage!

Starting… tonight around 11 until the very end of the year, I’m going to be posting all the book reviews I got backed up on, one after another. I finally got them all typed up and let me tell you, I can only hope I found and removed all the silly, harried typos and my own dyslexic madness from these posts. If not, then… well.. try to be gentle. XD I’m giving y’all fair warning here!

If you point them out in comments, I’m actually quite okay with that! 🙂 Just don’t be rude. I’ll most certainly fix the blunder and thank you kindly for pointing it out.

Expect the first of many reviews to begin in approximately one hour with Of Last Resort by Megan Derr.

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