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Friday Laughs: List of reasons for admission into a mental asylum in 1864-1889



Quote: Collect books…


Discussion: Are They Really “Underachievers”?


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Not to say I haven’t done the same if a book is particularly boring or if I’m so tired I’m falling asleep standing up, but…

I saw this one floating around for awhile. What’s you take on it?

Are you the type to read only a few chapters at a time or if it’s utterly impossible for you to stop after a single chapter once you get started?

Personally, I think you’re a winner for simply picking up the book and starting to read. Be it a page or a chapter or the whole thing in one sitting, you’re a winner JUST FOR GETTING STARTED. There are far too many who don’t even get that far. Consider yourself AWESOME. ❤

Discussion: Signs You’re a Book Addict

Happy March! Atrocious February is over! Let’s start the month off right with some truth. Hard, cold truth about being an addict of a most extreme sort:


It’s funny because these were my tags to this post:

#if someone tries to get inbetween me and free fuckin’ books #I won’t be the one being murdered

(No joke. Hahahahaah~ I guess great minds think alike, huh? xDDD)

At any rate, if the purge DID happen in your town, what would you do and where do you rate your book addiction in regards to this revealing tumblr post?

Would you risk raiding the bookstores or libraries to steal–I MEAN SAVE all the books? Or would you run for cover?

I think you all already know my answer. xD

Reading is dangerous…



You forgot, “NOT Reading

Not Reading is the most dangerous of all!


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If you’ve spent much time on ‘Tumblr’, you’ll know that it’s sort of a thinking man’s Twitter. Many of its avid users are self-confessed literature nerds, which means that you end up getting some fairly interesting conversions about books going on. Here, we’ve found you fifteen instances when the people of Tumblr got real about books. Sometimes, this ended up with hilarious results, and other times it was just way too true for comfort. If you’re a fan of reading, we’re sure that you’ll understand! Take a look!








Love these?

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Things I Do In My Spare Time


I might be a little obsessed.

QUOTE: “I Still Can’t Decide…”


True Readers Know…


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