Book Lists


In addition, these are just some of the different types of book lists featured on Reckless Indulgence. Most of them have become mini-serials in themselves:

10 Books That Have Stayed With You10 Books That Have Stayed With You (And Five More For Good Measure): two meme/book challenges I run on this site. If you want to join in, check out the rules here! 🙂

WTRO2 & New Finds: summaries and recall posts for potentially interesting or ALREADY VERY INTERESTING books, comics, webcomics, anthologies, etc. that I want to read. Basically a wishlist and reading list on the fly.

SIWTGI: same as above, except for book/webcomic series I’ve discovered that look interesting, but I haven’t started yet

Diverse Books: for books with diverse characters, themes, or settings.

I’m Not Apologizing In The Slightest: or, “Books On/With Obscure Topics, Genres, Themes, and Important Issues.” This would be where all my weird or atypical interests would be gathered. Some of the things in here I agree with. Some of the things I don’t. Some of them just interest and amuse me — whether I agree with them or not is completely irrelevant. READER’S BEWARE. It can get a little dark and messed up in here!

Obscure Books On Obscure Topics: which is likely to be shortened to “OBOOT” because — just how awesome is that?! XD

Books Most Readers Never Read or Even Heard Of: which is another list similar to the one above. Only difference is… well… uh… I don’t know if there’s a difference. Hmm… 😕

It’s HOW Many Pages?!: lists with books that are 500+ pages

Read A Book!: lists with books or series that could, have been, are going to be, or should be turned into movies or TV Shows.


One thought on “Book Lists

  1. […] you’ve checked out my new About page (or more specifically the Booklist page), you’ll know I have a bunch of topics I plan to discuss and come back to frequently. […]



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