Update About Impending Hiatus & Comic Con!

As many of you may know, NYCC (New York Comic Con) is just around the corner, and I’m basically spending this week getting ready to head out on my yearly adventure. 🤩 With that being said, I’m not gonna be able to post much until after NYCC is over (so, I’m looking at maybe next Monday-ish? or unless I actually have a free moment to myself over this exciting weekend),

I also haven’t read anything new recently either, so that’s another reason why this hiatus is forthcoming. /fail oTL There’s also a whole lotta extra chaos around me in the home life too, which has things quite precariously hanging by a thread. (No, I won’t go into that, but just know I’m managing as best I can with everything.)

Honestly I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go this year. Money’s been tight and the home front has been crazy for awhile, but I decided “Fuck it! This is LITERALLY the ONE THING I look forward to each year. I’m going. I’m having fun. I’m enjoying myself and I’m coming back with TONS of material and free stuff to make the post-NYCC blues more bearable and to share with you guys.”

That’s just been the mindset and it’s not going anywhere. It’s just not.

Life might be trying to screw me over left and right, but I’m NOT letting it take away my joy. Fuck that shit in every language. 😤

But anyway, what I think I WILL do because it’s simple and doesn’t take much time is share with you guys my daily music choices, if y’all are interested in that stuff, and maybe who I’m hoping to meet, interview, or come across over my 4-Day extravaganza!

More on that tomorrow, probably… or later tonight. We’ll see.

In the meantime, comment below if anyone else is going to NYCC?! I’m not usually one to have meetups or anything (I like being a ghost 🤣) but I’d actually be pretty curious to meet some of you IRL.


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