[Review] Choco Strawberry Vanilla [チョコストロベリー バニラ] by Delico Psyche (manga)

Choco Strawberry Vanilla
Choco Strawberry Vanilla

Delico Psyche

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Hiroi always shared what he liked, things and people alike, with his childhood friend Take. Take always returned Hiroi’s affections. Mine, who because of his deep love for Hiroi, accepts both of them. The relationship of these three classmates was in a good balance, but because of a subtle change in their feelings, this balance slowly gets unhinged…?!

What did you think of the book?

That was delicious. I am so glad I decided to read this. I’m not one to read threesome stories, but this one was DELISH. The relationship between the three MCs is not one of love per se, but it is addicting to watch unfold as the chapters progress. Abusive at times, tender at others, twisted throughout.

I totally get Hiroi’s need to “share” his things with his best friend Take, although I can understand why other people don’t. That’s actually the most fascinating part of this story, the relationship between Hiroi and Take. How they see themselves and how they see themselves fitting into the world and WHY this sort of relationship and behavior for them is natural. Also like parasitic or even conjoined twins, except in verse. They almost share one mind while inhabiting two bodies and somehow navigating through life in this manner. For them, “what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours and you are me and I am you” is just their perpetual state of being.

Mine is also a strangely complex character, namely for being able to not only put up with this bizarre relationship, but also for eventually finding his own rhythm in it — one which he even finds to “dislike less” than he once did (which is actually his tsundere self saying he’s lovin’ it, freak that he be, bless his soul. <3)

Such great storytelling without getting into too much. Letting us see into each character’s mindset, getting to know their very different, but also similar personalities. Seeing how important each one is in different ways and just… UGHHH

This was good. This was SO. GOOD.

All the stars. ALL OF THEM.

Delico Psyche you haven’t failed me yet. Another great job!!

PS – For those of you planning to or already giving this a one star rating b/c you were looking for some sappy lovey-dovey shit, go elsewhere. This story has a HEA ending of sorts, but it’s not all roses and butterflies and puppy dog tails. There’s a reason it’s called “CHOCO STRAWBERRY VANILLA.” Choco = sadomasochist, Strawberry = Sadist, Vanilla = Masochist. I’ll let you all decide who’s who in this savagely beautiful throuple.

Any warnings you wish to make for your readers?

God, if you only knew. XD I can’t even begin to describe what to warn about. Umm… let’s just say there isn’t anything like… torture or anything like that. It’s just REALLY messed up with SO MUCH EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION GOING ON. LORD.

Does it count towards any reading challenges?

Just the two…

Would you recommend this book?


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(Just keep all the warnings in mind before you read it. That’s all. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: —
Publication Date: September 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 190
Genre & Themes: Yaoi, Erotica, M/M/M Threesome, Romance,
Slice of Life, Smut, Dubcon,
LGBTQUAI+, Polyamory, Bisexual, Jealousy, Group Intercourse, Emotional Manipulation
Age: Adult (18+)
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Bought
Challenge: 2019 GoodReads Reading Challenge, 2019 M3W2 Reading Challenge 


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