[Review] Omega Society Auction: Book One (Rourke #1) by Eileen Glass (FREE BOOK)

omega society auction 1
Omega Society Auction: Book One (Rourke #1)

Eileen Glass

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(Goodreads Description)
When the alien alphas arrived on Earth, omega-compatible men weren’t given a choice in mating with them. After a long and troubled war, Earth brought down the harem towers and exiled the alien lords to the moon where they rule from afar.

Things have calmed down in recent history; the powerful alphas seek mates who will submit themselves voluntarily. But who would sell themselves into slavery? Who would want to become a breeder?

Rourke’s terminally ill mother needs a cure that’s only accessible to the very rich. An omega auction can pay for it.

What did you think of the book?

WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE! A free book that’s actually REALLY good. Omega Society Auction is an interesting take on your typical M/M Alpha/Omega trope, combined with aliens, a dystopian future, sci-fi setting, and m-preg. Lots of m-preg. (Although none of it actually happens in this book. But Rourke’s already gearing up for the role of babymaker extraordinaire!) The pacing, plot, characters were all well-thought out (although I could definitely see room for improvement and growth as the series continues). Although this book would actually be considered tame (there was no sex, just a hot make-out scene and some seriously questionable life choices on the MC’s part), I suspect the subsequent books will have more of a heat index to them. (Which I am WHOLEHEARTEDLY looking forward to!)

Literally my only complaint is two things:

One… it was never made clear whether or not our MC is actually gay/likes guys or not, is bi, or is straight but for whatever reason is gay-for-you to his Alpha. That sorta… irked me a little, but wasn’t that big a deal.

Two… and THIS WAS THE BIG DEAL ANNOYANCE… THAT FREAKING ABRUPT “ENDING”. A warning to all who start this ACTUALLY REALLY AMAZING SERIES: This is more like a SERIAL than a SERIES. Meaning the book ends like almost like a chapter would and then the next book picks up where you left off. Had I known that, I might not have started reading this series (because I was just looking for another fore-day morning read to keep me company until I dozed for a couple hours and then went off to work). I HAD NO INTENTION OF READING A BOOK/SERIES THAT WOULD LEAVE ME BEGGING FOR MORE AND ANNOYED THAT I COULDN’T RIGHT AWAY (cuz no money til Friday sadface) I’ll definitely be coming back for the rest of this series come the weekend, but for now I have to suffer through with that ANNOYING CLIFFHANGER (ughhhhuuuguuguguh)

Thus, why this book only gets 4 stars instead of 5 from me. CUZ THAT ENDING

Any warnings you wish to make for your readers?

Well… there is mention of rape, and probably some sort of dubcon going on towards the end of the book. But like I said, nothing actually happens in terms of sex in this book, and tbh I was more annoyed with Rourke for acting pissed off AFTER GIVING HIS CONSENT for his Alpha to have sex with him even though his Alpha told him he’s losing control and would probably — and I quote — “rape him” if he didn’t postpone their meeting for another time.

Furthermore, the whole damned thing was actually Rourke’s fault to begin with (and if/when you read, you’ll understand WHY I say that, cuz I don’t want to give that away). But yeah… I dunno. I guess depending on how the reader takes it, they could blame his Alpha or Rourke (but it’s totally Rourke’s fault. Like not even GONNA ATTEMPT to imply it’s anyone else’s fault but his. What he did and CONTINUED TO DO and EVEN GOT CAUGHT DOING was DUMB AF)

Does it count towards any reading challenges?

Just the one…

Would you recommend this book?

ABSOLUTELY! If you enjoy M/M, m-preg, Alpha/Omega, scifi, aliens… this is the book for you! Get your free copy here:

Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher:  Glass Fiction
Publication Date: December 16th 2017
Format: eBook
Pages: 113
Genre & Themes: Sci-Fi, Aliens,
M/M Romance, Alpha/Omega,
m-preg, Dystopian future
Age: Adult
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Bought
Challenge: 2019 GoodReads Reading Challenge


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