[Reckless Beat & SOTD] Jacob Tillberg’s ‘Flowers’ & Moosh & Twist’s ‘GOAT’

RECKLESS BEATS is a musical feature where I incorporate a little music into this bookish blog.

Welcome again, my lovelies, to another episode of Reckless Beats~!!

Since I’m still (foolishly) trying to complete my absurd reading schedule for my N.E.W.T.S. I won’t go into much detail today about my song choices. Just know they’re REALLY FREAKIN’ COOL!

First one up is: Flowers by Jacob Tillberg

And the second one is: GOAT by Moosh & Twist (explicit lyrics)

Enjoy!! 🙂


N.E.W.T.S Update – FINAL WEEK!

Hey y’all. How’s it goin’? Ya still breathin’? Good. KEEP BREATHING. YOU’RE DOING FINE.

We’re coming down to the wire here and I’m soooo nowhere near done. 😂

In fact, I have the feeling I’m gonna be power reading over the next few days like I’ve never power read before in my life. Whenever and WHEREver I can find a spare moment, a book’s gonna be in my hands. 😤

Right now I’m powering through Hua Hua Long and sincerely regretting my life choices (because it’s sooo good but soooooooo looooooong 😭😭😭😭)

If I get through this, it’ll only be by a miracle or sheer dumb luck. 🍀

How is everyone else holding up? Even if you’re not doing the N.E.W.T.S. Readathon, I’m doing a wellness check and shouting out to the universe:


I sincerely hope so. Stay strong, my lovies. No matter how bad things get, keep on keeping on. You’re stronger than you know. Just hold on. ❤



I swear, this ship will be THE DEATH OF ME (hur hur…)

In case you didn’t know… We, fannibals, have declared August 22 to be Hannigram Day!

And in honor of Hannigram Day, we’re gonna read about some killers!

SERIAL killers, to be exact. 😀

Not sure which book I’m gonna go with today… A modern read like Killing Stalking or My Sister, The Serial Killer, or maybe more of a classic vibe like an original Hannibal Lecter tome or The Bone Collector?

What do you guys think I should go with?

Have any suggestions, favourite books with serial killers in them, etc.? LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

(I’d love to add them to my never-ending TBR. 🙂 )

[SIWTGI] Happily Ever Asher Series by Nash Summers

SIWTGI is short for Series I Want To Get Into, a book spotlight feature I host here on Reckless Indulgence, where I showcase a book series that I think might have potential or a single book from that series which has captured my interest recently.

Annnnd, for any single, stand-alone book features, see WTRO2.

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BookFish Books LLC
Pub Date   June 2019 – July 2019
Genres     Romance, Fairy Tale Elements, Contemporary, New Adult, M/M Romance
Amazon (Book 1) | Amazon (Book 2) | Amazon (Book 3)
Book 1 – GoodReads | Book 2 – GoodReads | Book 3 – GoodReads

Description for Book 1: When Red Cried Wolf

Asher Williams is obsessed with love.

It’s probably one of the reasons he makes such a fantastic matchmaker, love guru, and romance expert. And now that he’s in college, it’s finally his turn to shine.

Asher’s relationship advice column in the school newspaper is his strongest matchmaking instrument, especially when it comes to helping hopeless romantics find their soulmates.

But like every heroic quest, there are a few bumps in the road and dragons to slay.

There’s a damsel in distress Asher’s best friend thinks is a psychopath, a handsome prince Asher can’t stop drooling over, and a huge, mysterious roommate Asher can’t help but pester.

It doesn’t matter though. Nothing will stop Asher when it comes to helping people find their true love.

He’s absolutely positive everything will work out in the end.

Because love is always like a fairy tale…right?

* * *

The main romance arc spans across all three novellas. When Red Cried Wolf contains little romance but sets up for the rest of the series.

When Red Cried Wolf is a slow-burn romance with over-the-top characters, fairy tale references, ridiculous texts, and eventually, a happy ever after.


Description for Book 2:  Golden Boy and the Two Bears

Asher Williams is obsessed with love.

His column is thriving, fellow students trust him with their relationship woes, and he’s on his A-game when it comes to matchmaking. At least, matchmaking other than his own.

After a heartfelt letter written to his column, Asher is set on aiding the two love-struck heroes who desperately need his help.

But like every heroic quest, there are a few bumps in the road and dragons to slay.

Randy and Red can’t stop passing looks whenever Asher voices his plans;, the handsome Christopher might not be quite what Asher expected, and his dark, mysterious roommate, Morgan, might have a surprise or two up his sleeve.

It doesn’t matter though. Nothing will stop Asher when it comes to helping people find their true love.

He’s absolutely positive everything will work out in the end.

Because love is always like a fairy tale…right?

* * *

Golden Boy and the Two Bears is a slow-burn romance with over-the-top characters, fairy tale references, ridiculous texts, and eventually, a happy ever after.


Description for Book 3: A King in Wonderland

Asher Williams is obsessed with love.

Or at least he was, until it all came crashing down.

He made a mistake. And even Asher himself, arranger of marriages and aider of lovesick hearts, doesn’t know how to fix it.

And like every heroic quest, there are a few bumps in the road and dragons to slay.

His inability to focus on love has turned his column into a disaster, his best friends are acting weirder than usual,  Christopher turns out to be a man of many surprises, and Morgan, well…

Maybe this time it does matter. Because when Asher’s heart finally realizes what he’s been looking for all along, it may be too late.

And too broken.

But there might just be a shred of hope somewhere deep down in his heart. Maybe Asher can fix everything and have his prince charming.

Because love is always like a fairy tale…right?


I won’t lie… it’s the GORGE covers that initially drew me in. Definitely think whoever designed these KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING. Wow, wow, wow! Then I read the descriptions and I’m 100% down for WHATEVER they are doing.


Anyone read this series yet? Thoughts? Reactions?

Archive of books I’ve read for #NEWTSREADATHON2019

Click on the covers for more info on each book title I read, including: DATE COMPLETED and the SUBJECT, PASSING GRADE, CAREER, & READING PROMPT each title applied towards.

I also (eventually) plan to add a little review to each title or simply link to any review I’ve already made of the title if it’s a re-read and I’ve already reviewed it here on Reckless Indulgence!

Also check out these posts for more on my N.E.W.T.S. journey:

[FRIDAY FREEBIES – NIGHT 3] Get Yourself Into A New Book Series With These Free E-Book Box Sets!

Friday Freebies is a Friday Night feature I host here on Reckless Indulgence, where I showcase anywhere between 5 to 10 FREE E-BOOKS that I’ve recently come across online. I try to group them into categories, genre, or type – but sometimes it’s a mixed bag.

And just to be clear:

I haven’t read them (yet). I don’t know if they’re good or bad.
I’m only providing a reference for any free books I find in genres I like.


.the immortal ops

IMMORTAL OPS (Books 1-4: 2016 Anniversary Editions)

by Mandy M. Roth

Goodreads Link
Raven Happy Hour
Pub Date  November 28, 2017
Genres     Paranormal, Shifter, Military/Special Ops, Romance

Amazon / Kindle


Books 1-4 in the Immortal Ops Series! Contains:

  1. Immortal Ops
  2. Critical Intelligence
  3. Radar Deception
  4. Strategic Vulnerability

Immortal Ops
Immortal Ops Team Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target, Peren Matthews. His higher ups want her eliminated. He simply wants her. The alpha side of him demands he claim her—that is, if she’ll have him. After all, he’s what she fears most—a wolf shifter. But there is more to Peren than even she’s aware of and the enemy is closer than anyone imagined.

Critical Intelligence
Roi Majors, wolf-shifter and second in command of the I-Ops, is having a hard time believing that Intel can only get half the information needed to bring down an underground ring of vampires with big-spending backers who are hell-bent on creating a race of supernaturals with multiple strands of DNA in them. When he finds himself paired with the one woman in the world who seems immune to his self-proclaimed charms, he can’t wait to see her to safety and then bid her good riddance. He never counted on falling in love with her. And he sure in the hell never counted on her claiming to be an agent with a branch of the government no human should know about.

Radar Deception
Dr. Thaddeus Green survived a werepanther attack long ago, leaving him immortal and a member of the I-Ops team. He’s dedicated his life to genetics and to serving his country. After his mutated DNA led to the death of his loved one, he vowed to never let anyone close to his heart again. Try as he might, Green is unable to stop the mystical pull to the tall, leggy blonde with a sharp tongue and an even worse bite. Thinking Melanie is suffering from mating withdrawal, Green is prepared to do what he must to assure her survival, even if it means claiming her for himself, regardless of his need to protect his heart. Little does Green know that fate has been preparing him for Melanie Daly all his unnaturally long life.

Strategic Vulnerability
Held prisoner in a remote testing facility in the middle of the Brazilian rain forest, subjected to torture and abuse, shape-shifter and alpha male Wilson Rousseau has long since given up hope of being rescued. Days blend together until he can’t help but long for death. Saved from his isolated hell by a female’s distress call, he feels an instant connection to her.

Kimberly thought she was taking a trip to South America to study indigenous plant life. She had no idea she was playing into the hands of a madman whose goal is to create a genetically altered army of super-soldiers. When she finds herself locked in a cell with Wilson, a man who would give his life to save hers, there is an instant attraction. But the dark secrets surrounding their imprisonment may change their lives forever. Can they find a way to beat the odds and be together, or will the madman win?


.The Tarot Witches I-IV

THE TAROT WITCHES (Complete Collection: Caged Wolf, Forbidden Witches, Winter Court, and Summer Court)

by SM Reine

Goodreads Link
Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pub Date  September 3, 2018
Genres     Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Witches

Google Play
Amazon / Kindle


This is the complete four-book collection of The Tarot Witches, a New York Times bestselling paranormal romance series.

There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, and each card has been appearing in the mailbox of a different witch. Each one bears a message for the unlucky recipient, and it brooks a warning: fix your life and earn power beyond imagining, or lose everything you care about.

Werewolves are drawn to the scent of these tarot witches, driven to bond and protect them. The desire to mate cannot be conquered. And entire packs will rise and fall for the love of the tarot witches…

Book One: Caged Wolf
Book Two: Forbidden Witches
Book Three: Winter Court
Book Four: Summer Court


.the dragon blood collection


by Lindsay Buroker

Goodreads Link
Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pub Date  November 20, 2014
Genres     Epic Fantasy, Steampunk, Science Fiction, Dragons, Romance

Google Play
Amazon / Kindle


A thousand years have passed since a dragon has been seen in the world. Science and technology have replaced magic, which has dwindled until it has become little more than an element of myth and legend.

There are those who still have dragon blood flowing through their veins, distant descendants of the mighty creatures of old. These rare humans have the power to cast magic, the power to heal, and the power to craft alchemical weapons capable of starting wars… or ending them. But they are feared for those powers, and in recent centuries, they have been hunted nearly to extinction.

The few remaining survivors must find a way to change how humanity perceives them or be lost to the world forever.

The Dragon Blood Collection includes three full-length novels of action, magic, and romance:

  1. Balanced on the Blade’s Edge
  2. Deathmaker
  3. Blood Charged



Because of how ungodly long my previous post was, I figured a separate post might be in order to keep track of everything.



  • E in History (2)
  • A in Muggle Studies (1)
  • A in 1 more subject of my picking (1) — Transfiguration


  • O in Ancient Runes (3)
  • E in DADA (2)
  • E in History (2)


  • O in Care of Magical Creatures (3)
  • E in Charms (2)
  • E in Herbology (2)

Dept. of Mysteries

  • O in Charms (3)
  • O in DADA (3)
  • O in Potions (3)
  • O in Transfiguration (3)


  • O in Astronomy (3)
  • O in Arithmancy (3)
  • A in History (1)


As previously mentioned, the books selected in this list as… tentative. Meaning if I end up reading something else that works for one of these categories, BY GOD I’M GONNA USE IT INSTEAD. xD








  • A: an audiobook or green cover [IDFK] [Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (Hogwarts Library) by Newt Scamander] ♥ READ ♥ 
  • E: a book between 350-390 pages long [NO CLUE YET ahahahah 8D Maybe when I check my copy later I’ll see about either “The Dispossessed” or “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin or maybe “The Martian” by Andy Weir….. I’m pretty sure one of those are within range (hopefully) Okay, so technically ANY of those can work because they all fall within that 350-390 range (Go me!!) so yeah… I’ll probably go with… one of Ursula’s because she’s mah fav <3] ♥ READ ♥