Reference Post: 2016 Releases with Ace Characters

Definitely an important list to add to the watchlist! These all sound like interesting titles with Ace characters that I’m going to be looking forward to reading in this upcoming year~

Just Love: Queer Book Reviews


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Following up on my previous post about Asexuality in fiction, I wanted to list upcoming releases with Ace (asexual, gray-ace, demisexual, aromantic, etc) main characters.

This is just a reference list to keep track. If you know of an upcoming novel that features an ace main character, please drop a comment and let me know (and link if possible)! Doesn’t have to be a romance, just as long as one of the main characters falls under the ace umbrella.

Where possible, I have linked to Goodreads (GR) or other relevant post.

In order of (estimated) release date:


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5 thoughts on “Reference Post: 2016 Releases with Ace Characters

  1. Anastasia says:

    I’m really happy that they have started to acknowledge existence of asexuality in books/anime/tv series and that there’s a lot of talk about it. I feel like I finally belong somewhere 🙂 I don’t get how it took so long too…I’m pretty sure people”accepted” demisexuality and pan before this

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    • amomentsilence says:

      Agreed! I think the truth of the matter is that people seem to find the very idea of asexuality as confusing or impossible. This is a very sexual world we live in and the idea that someone either isn’t interested in or does not feel sexual emotions, but can have romantic ones or even platonic ones is just strange. I’ve never understood why it should be so surprising.

      And I didn’t know you identified as such! 😀 I hope society continues to accept that there is so much more than just one or two genders , sexualities, and identities. We are all such complex people.

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      • Anastasia says:

        I know people who have said that it’s like anorexia which is kind of absurd because it’s not a sickness + it doesn’t harm you in any way. Anyways it’s good that times are changing 🙂
        I do/I am haha, I don’t advertise it (yet) but I saw this post and it made me really happy!

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        • amomentsilence says:

          Anorexia? Seriously???? What the hell were they smoking? It has nothing to do with… Its not even in the same category. Wow. Dumb nuts…

          I’m so glad this post made you happy! 😀 Goodness, now I gotta post more about any books or topics that I hear on it. Representation is important!!

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