Reference Post: 2016 Releases with Ace Characters

Definitely an important list to add to the watchlist! These all sound like interesting titles with Ace characters that I’m going to be looking forward to reading in this upcoming year~

Just Love: Queer Book Reviews


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Following up on my previous post about Asexuality in fiction, I wanted to list upcoming releases with Ace (asexual, gray-ace, demisexual, aromantic, etc) main characters.

This is just a reference list to keep track. If you know of an upcoming novel that features an ace main character, please drop a comment and let me know (and link if possible)! Doesn’t have to be a romance, just as long as one of the main characters falls under the ace umbrella.

Where possible, I have linked to Goodreads (GR) or other relevant post.

In order of (estimated) release date:


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