As a writer, this has proven to be a truly valuable chart…

As part of my new initiative to gather helpful tidbits for aspiring, would-be, and current writers, here is a piece from my own writing banks:


We all suffer from brainfarts and lack of vernacular inspiration sometimes, so having a go-to word wheel helps immensely.

I found this one some time ago and have kept it for those desperate times when all you need is a word.

And preferably not the same word used over twenty times within the last three paragraphs.

You know what I mean. We’ve all been there.

Quick Note to All — New Feature Called ‘For The Writer In Us All’

for the writer in us all2

I’m adding a new section here for my writers and aspiring authors where I post anything I find that I feel can be of help or assistance in the writing process. Some of it can be funny or silly. Some of it will be deep and thought-provoking. Most of it will be questionable at best.

Trying to stick to a Thursday between 2-3PM EST schedule for these posts, and see where that’ll get us. The first one will be today, in about an hour or so. We’ll see how that works! 🙂