[Day 28] HauntoberFest – Being Dead

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Title: Being Dead

AuthorVivian Van Velde

Page Length: 203 pages

Buy it here: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

Synopsis: From the hilarious to the horrific, master storyteller Vivian Vande Velde explores the world of the dead–and the undead–in this surprisingly moving collection of unnerving tales.



 “People always talk about good, fresh country air, but I kept getting wiffs of something that was neither good nor fresh but definitely country.” ― Vivian Van Velde, Being Dead



Why did I chose this book?

Yet another book from my childhood. I think this one still has a special place of honor on my “favourites” bookcase. *goes to check* ….Yup! Still there. xD

This was an interesting collection of horror oriented tales. Some were funny. Some were sad. Some were just plain weird. But all in all, I’d consider this a solid book for the YA group. (I also think a good many adults would enjoy this book as well.)

Also, I found my selection of titles was eerily missing more ghost stories. You can never go wrong with more ghost stories. NEVER. x3

What I love/like about it:

  • The author. Won’t lie, I’m completely biased because I love V3. She’s rad and I think all her works are awesome. (Well… all her works that I’ve read. I won’t comment on things I haven’t, even for her. :P)
  • The wide selection of topics these “ghostly tales” span across. I remember I was delighted to find that every story had it’s own unique point and message.




Warnings or Triggers

Well… they’re ghost stories, so you can expect all sorts of things from them. What not to expect is anything too graphic. I remember the stories weren’t really gore-y or anything, just spooky and a little scary at times. A good many were more on the humorous side.?






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