[Day 21] HauntoberFest – Are You Loathsome Tonight?

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Title: Are You Loathsome Tonight?: A Collection of Short Stories

Author: Poppy Z. Brite

Page Length: 185 pages

Buy it here: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

Synopsis: Are You Loathsome Tonight? (also titled Self-Made Man) is a collection of short stories.


  • Introduction by Peter Straub
  • In Vermis Veritas
  • Arise
  • Saved (with Christa Faust)
  • King of Cats (with David Ferguson)
  • Self-Made Man
  • Pin Money
  • America
  • Entertaining Mr. Orton
  • Monday’s Special (A Dr. Brite story)
  • Vine of the Soul
  • Mussolini and the Axeman’s Jazz
  • Are You Loathsome Tonight?
  • …And In Closing (For Now) by Caitlín R. Kiernan




 “Los Angeles was a city with an enormous nervous system, but no brain.”

― Poppy Z. Brite, Are You Loathsome Tonight?, “Self-Made Man”



Why did I chose this book?


This collection of bizarre and strange horrific tales deserves special mention for “America” (you’ll never guess who makes an appearance, Lost Souls fans *wink*) and, more specifically… “King of Cats.” This story… does something I haven’t seen many other fairytale retellings do, and that is… change up some aspect of it (in this case, made it gay), add (or keep) a bit of macabre, make it… adult (if you know what I mean… *eyebrow wiggle*), and somehow keep it SERIOUS and not some spoofy, silly nonsense not worth anyone’s time. This story… ugh… I’ve been obsessed with it for over a decade. It’s just too good. It brings new life to a very short fairytale most may not even know or remember.

My only con would be that for a book this short, it is quite pricey. But honestly? It’s worth every penny. I would buy it again if I had to right now and not even feel the least bit sorry.

What I love/like about it:

  • LOOKIT ZE COVER. (If you haven’t figured it out by now, coverpron will always be the best pron <3)
  • Slightly bizarre or macabre spin in each story that is completely unexpected
  • GOOD — scratch that — EXCELLENT gay horror, anyone? That would be yes/yes!



Four-half-stars for Brent Weeks


Warnings or Triggers

(highlight below to see)

All kinds. I can’t even begin to list them here. 



I don’t have any reason for choosing these besides the fact that they’re awesome and amazing. (Although, the particular collection of Bending The Landscape that I chose for today really isn’t all that good in comparison to the Science Fiction and ESPECIALLY the Fantasy collections. Homg… if you want to read some non-horror, go read the Fantasy and then the Science Fiction collections of Bending The Landscape. You will not be disappointed. ❤ ❤ ❤ )





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