A Little Music For Our Lost Souls [HauntoberFest Special]

I hope everyone remembers Thursday’s post on Poppy Z. Brite’s delightful novel, Lost Souls.

I was thinking on it and remembered that… when I had first read the book (ages ago) I had loved it so much that I’d made an epic playlist for it.

Had to do some digging to find all the songs for it again, but here it is in all its glory:

Lost Souls FST

The Cover


The Back


[ ~ Listen ~ ]

01. Sweet Surrender – Sarah McLachlan
Ann’s Image Song

02. I Know – Fionna Apple
Christian’s Image Song

03. I’m Like A Bird – Nelly Furtado
Ghost’s Image Song

04. 2:45 AM – Eillott Smith
Nothing’s Image Song

05. Shiver – Coldplay
Steve’s Image Song

06. After The Flesh – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Molochai & Twig’s Image Song

07. Heresy – Nine Inch Nails 
Zillah’s Image Song

08. Dead Souls – Nine Inch Nails
Ghost’s 2nd Image Song

09. Hotel California – Eagles
Steve & Ghost’s Image Song

10. Trust – Megadeth
Steve & Ann’s Image Song

11. Thinking Of You – A Perfect Circle
Steve & Ann’s 2nd Image Song

12. Imagine – A Perfect Circle
Ghost’s 3rd Image Song

13. The Hollow – A Perfect Circle
Zillah, Molochai, Twig, Nothing & Christian’s Image Song
Notes? This song is meant for all the Vampires, specifically these 5.

14. The Outsider – A Perfect Circle
Christian’s song for Zillah, Molochai, Twig & Nothing
Notes? I can see Christian saying this to the entire new, wilder and giddily murderous generation of Vampire, not just these 4.

15. #1 Crush – Garbage
Zillah & Nothing’s Image Song

16. Use Me – Garbage
Nothing’s 2nd Image Song
Notes? I see Nothing saying this to Zillah, for the most part. Though I could see him saying to just about anyone really. This poor kid is so needy and wanting for love that I don’t think he’d really care WHERE it came from, just so long as he was loved and was able to fit in somewhere (though we all know he’d prefer it to be at Zillah’s side among his Vampire kind). I swear throughout the whole novel I was wanting badly to HUG that kid. o_o;; He really REALLY needs a hug. XD;;; I mean… his life’s pretty fucked up. XD

17. Self Control – Raf
Theme Song (Ver. 01)
Notes? Think of it like this… If there was ever a movie, this would be the song played as it’s theme. I know it’s not the BEST song in the world and most likely anyone could find something better, but I really love this song and not only that but I also love this song to death and I wanted it in here somewhere. Besides! It fits for the Vampires and also “those children of the night”.

18. Self Control – Laura Branigan
Theme Song (Ver. 02)
Notes? See above. This is the same song, just by a different artist. I actually heard this one first. Liked it better, but both have gotten ahold of me and now I can’t listen to one without listening to the other.

19. Hear Me Out – Frou Frou
Ann, Nothing & Steve’s Image Song

20. Maddening Shroud – Frou Frou
Nothing’s 3rd Image Song

21. Trust – L’Arc~en~Ciel
Ghost & Nothing’s Image Song

I really do hope you enjoy! I’ll definitely be listening to this again as the hours drag on this lovely Saturday morn.

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