[Day 15] HauntoberFest – Lost Souls

EDIT: Although I certainly didn’t mean for this entry to have anything to do with the celebration of Spirit Day, it is a sort of a self awakening title and coming into one’s own, regardless of how crazy and bizarre that might be. It’s about reckless abandon, and taking charge of your life and the circumstances that bind it, wherever or however that may be. This crazy, perfect book has characters finally taking hold of their lives and breaking from the mold and accepting the path they should go, even if it’s not quite what they (or anyone else, for that matter) expected.

Don’t stand for the harassment. Don’t stand for the belittling gestures. You are no one’s verbal or physical punching bag. You are unique and perfect and a little (or a LOT) weird, and that’s perfectly ok. You are EXACTLY who you’re supposed to be. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. LOVE yourself. LIVE each day to its fullest. ENJOY every moment.

You are not alone.

Happy Spirit Day 2015, everybody! (#SpiritDay)

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Title: Lost Souls

AuthorPoppy Z. Brite

Page Length: 384 pages

Buy it here: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

Synopsis: At a club in Missing Mile, N.C., the children of the night gather, dressed in black, looking for acceptance. Among them are Ghost, who sees what others do not. Ann, longing for love, and Jason, whose real name is Nothing, newly awakened to an ancient, deathless truth about his father, and himself.

Others are coming to Missing Mile tonight. Three beautiful, hip vagabonds – Molochai, Twig, and the seductive Zillah (whose eyes are as green as limes) are on their own lost journey; slaking their ancient thirst for blood, looking for supple young flesh.

They find it in Nothing and Ann, leading them on a mad, illicit road trip south to New Orleans. Over miles of dark highway, Ghost pursues, his powers guiding him on a journey to reach his destiny, to save Ann from her new companions, to save Nothing from himself…



 “Maybe they did what they had to do to live, and tried to get a little love and have a little fun before the darkness took them.”


“The sky is purple, the flare of a match behind a cupped hand is gold; the liquor is green, bright green, made from a thousand herbs, made from altars. Those who know enough to drink Chartreuse at Mardi Gras are lucky, because the distilled essence of the town burns in their bellies. Chartreuse glows in the dark, and if you drink enough of it, your eyes will turn bright green.”

― Poppy Z. Brite, Lost Souls


Why did I chose this book?


No. Seriously. Like… these guys make EVERY vampire look… bad. (Or maybe, good? IDK)

All I know is this is one of my favourite books OF ALL TIME. It’s so twisted and WRONG and PERFECT and… shit, son. There’s gonna be A LOT in the warnings section for this one. Don’t read if you’re expecting something normal. xD

I know some complain this book has no point.

Obviously they fail to see that that IS the point.

This book is about reckless abandon, with a dash of the forbidden, a hint of the macabre, and a splash of WTF. This book… is meant to be a guilty pleasure and if you’re willing, to test the boundaries of your morality.

I ADORE this book.

(I wonder what that says about me… *smirk* )

I also adore its chaos and its revelry of the dark and the bizarre.

What I love/like about it:

  • ASDFGHJKL:”:LJUYHRF THE CHARACTERS. They’re so… fucked up. I’m telling you now, they were written to the song, “The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring. BECAUSE THEY’RE NOOOOT.
  • The “vampire” concept which is SO different to practically everything I’ve ever read before. They’re almost like dhamphirs or something. At least the current generation is. (Hur hur…) But yeah. These characters live with me to THIS DAY. (Except Ann. Fuck her. She was an annoying little shit.)
  • UNRESOLVED FEEEEEEELLLLIINNNGGGSSUUUU (you’ll find out who~ 😉 I ain’t sayin’.)
  • That it was willing to do what no one else even conceived of doing. (IE: some seriously unconventional relationships which I *LOVED*) In fact, I don’t even know HOW it got published. (Would someone tell me? Cause, seriously, I gotta know how they got around the legalities.)
  • THE DAMNED COVER! I mean… COME ONE NOW. How does that not draw you in (especially if you’re a horror/creep buff, like me?) It actually gave me such a sense of Lord of the Flies – only… DARKER. (Literally) And… y’know… bloodier. (Not like Lord of the Flies didn’t have enough blood in it without a bloody cover…)


Warnings or Triggers

(highlight below to see – SPOILERS AHEAD)

Incest, weird blood rituals, parasitic babies, Father x Son, Twincest, Unrequited/Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST), are just to name a few.


The majority of these are just ones I wished I had more room to fit into the month’s daily submissions. Either way, any of these incredible titles would be terrific substitutions for the day. 🙂



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