A Haunting Weekend Mix – Weekend Two

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Welcome back to our second musical weekend of haunting and thrilling sounds~

This weekend’s theme is…


Keep in mind — not every song on these playlists will be on your typical Halloween themes.

I tend to enjoy and respond to music as it moves me, so it’s very likely some songs will have NOTHING to do with Halloween at all. It’s just… a feeling you get when you hear them, y’know? Something silly which always makes you think of the trick-or-treatin’ pranks you did as a kid… or that haunting, chilling sensation you get when a song plays that makes you shiver or perhaps want to waltz outside under a moonlit sky.

Whatever it is, hopefully these songs will move you as they do me.


HauntoberFest, Weekend II: Dark Romance, Satirical Love Songs, & Gothic Melodies


i. i come with knives – iamx //  ii. kuchizuke – buck-tick //  iii. love me dead – ludo // iv. before i’m dead – kidneythieves // v. shinkirou – loveholic // vi. running up that hill – placebo // vii. juliet (olde english remix) – emilie autumn // viii. house carpenter – nickel creek // ix. marry me – emilie autumn // x. ghost town – adam lambert // xi. wild – poe // xii. hello – evanescence // xiii. seven – gackt // xiv. birdcage – gackt // xv. les mizerable – gackt // xvi. orenji no taiyou – gackt & hyde


i. opheliac – emilie autumn //  ii. heavy in your arms – florence + the machine // iii. gessekai – buck-tick // iv. mirai koro – La’cryma Christi // v. dress (live) – atsushi sakurai & abingdon school boys // vi. dress – buck-tick // vii. tooku made – do as infinity // viii. monochrome no kiss – sid // ix. dead inside – muse // x. strawberry gashes – jack off jill // xi. vampire heart – h.i.m. // xii. creature – kidneythieves // xiii. thinking of you – a perfect circle // xiv. magdalena – a perfect circle // xv. black, black heart – david usher

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