[Day 7] HauntoberFest – Trysts: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird Stories

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Title: Trysts: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird Stories

Author: Steve Berman

Page Length: 148 pages

Buy it here: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

Synopsis: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird Stories is a new collection of dark fantasy fiction with gay characters. Talented newcomer Steve Berman has assembled thirteen of his most evocative stories, all of which revolve around the central theme of the ‘tryst.’ But these passionate hookups and romantic encounters range from the eerie to the horrifying to the wondrous. TRYSTS offers readers dark and quirky tales from a distinctive new voice in gay fiction.



“’Ever make anything, Andy? I mean really sweated over a piece of work for days, weeks, until all that you have inside drains into it. Leaving you a husk, barely able to walk away.’

The boy shook his head, his eyes never straying from Joseph’s.

‘I need something to fill me up again. Something warm and alive. And I can’t think of a better medicine than you. How do you taste, Andy? Bitter or sweet?”

― Steve Berman, Trysts, “Cries Beneath The Plaster”



Why did I chose this book?

Literally one of my favourite collections of “weird” and “dark fantasy” and “gay” all wrapped up in one. Hammer and Bone by Kriby Crow makes a close second (No joke, and I *LOVED* that book – but you’ll get the chance to hear about it later in the month. Just you wait. 😉 )

There is so much to get lost in when reading Trysts. It’s a weird mashup of “awesome!” and “wtf?!…but still AWESOME!”

What I love/like about it:

  • Pfffft, how about EVERYTHING? XD But specifically the stories about The Fallen Area. Good grief, those stories stay with me. FAV-OUR-ITE stories, by far.
  • That cover was also pretty intriguing. I wanted to know what the heck this book was about and how the cover captured the essence of what was inside. Once again, I soo was NOT disappointed. ❤
  • Although, this isn’t really a “like”, I wish — SO WISH — there was more. This collection is what made me a fan of Berman in the first place. (In fact, I wish all his works were more like this…)




Warnings or Triggers

(highlight below to see)

So many, I can’t even begin to explain. xD Um… how about this? There’s no rape, abuse (uh, much), or… uh… um… OKAY SO HOW ABOUT THIS? 😀 THIS BOOK IS FILLED WITH WEIRD SHIT THAT HAPPENS BUT NOT IN THE WAY YOU THINK IT SHOULD.

FOR INSTANCE: I could tell you there is cutting in this book (wrist slitting, people) but it’s not what you think. I could also tell you there is hair sniffing and lots of sex things… but once again… it’s not like you think. XD;; I could tell you about Dolly – but, well… you need to meet Dolly yourself.

Just know, you are entering the weird and the bizarre, and you might not be able to get back out again.




More collections of weird, horrific, and bizarre short stories to delight your imagination…




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