A Haunting Weekend Mix – Day One, Weekend One

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Welcome to our first musical weekend of haunting and thrilling sounds~

My original plan had been to break the playlists into a Part One and a Part Two to be posted each day of the weekend, but that might not go down so well considering how busy I’ll be this month. We’ll see. This weekend, as you can already see, I’ll be only posting today, but hopefully next weekend I’ll have everything ready for Saturday AND Sunday.

I have been racking my brains trying to figure out how to group the music over the next five weekends, and finally decided on some themes which I hope you will enjoy. 😉

Over the course of the month, I’ll reveal each theme as we go along. This weekend’s theme is…


Keep in mind — not every song on these playlists will be on your typical Halloween themes.

I tend to enjoy and respond to music as it moves me, so it’s very likely some songs will have NOTHING to do with Halloween at all. It’s just… a feeling you get when you hear them, y’know? Something silly which always makes you think of the trick-or-treatin’ pranks you did as a kid… or that haunting, chilling sensation you get when a song plays that makes you shiver or perhaps want to waltz outside under a moonlit sky.

Whatever it is, hopefully these songs will move you as they do me.

HauntoberFest, Weekend I: Campy Tunes & Classic Halloween Croons {PART 1}

i.  They’re Coming To Take Me Away – Neuroticfish // ii.  The Adams Family Theme – Halloween Asylum // iii.  Jump In The Line (Shake, Shake Senora – Harry Belafonte // iv.  Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus // v.  When You’re Evil – Voltaire // vi.  Such Horrible Things – Creature Feature // vii.  The Munster’s Theme (Rockabilly Version) – The Munsters // viii.  The Munster’s Theme – The Munsters // ix.  –Grave Robber At Large- – Creature Feature // x.  Monster Mash – Bobby Picket // xi.  Werewolves Of London– Warren Zevon // xii.  Thriller (Music Video Edit) – Michael Jackson

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