[SIWTGI] Ascension series by Heather Letto

SIWTGI is short for Series I Want To Get Into, a book spotlight feature I host here on Reckless Indulgence, where I showcase a book series that I think might have potential or a single book from that series which has captured my interest recently.

Annnnd, for any single, stand-alone book features, see WTRO2.

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BookFish Books LLC
Pub Date   April 2014 / June 2015
Genres     Science Fiction, Dystopian, YA
Amazon (Book 1) | Amazon (Book 2) | GoodReads

Description for Book 1: Impervious

The residents of Impervious are the remnant—the survivors of the War of Annihilation. And though the city is chockfull of pleasures to tantalize and entertain, a beast lurks in the corners, haunting the residents with its presence.

The Beast—a mysterious and terminal illness killed off most of Generations One, Two, and Three. And as Gen-Four prepares to take the stage, a provocative, yet questionable, new method to avoid an untimely death incites a cultural rage.

But Fran lives counter-culture, off the grid in true rebel fashion. With a life far from opulent, she scurries through dark tunnels, searching for hot meals with Pete while ditching the holographic security team. To her, it’s a healthy trade-off. Unaccountability means The Council can’t steal her sliver of hope―a belief that she’ll see The Epoch arrive before The Beast can pull her into its fetid embrace.

After losing her mother and then her Rebel mentor, Fran stumbles upon a miraculous discovery that may save the residents of Impervious. That is, if she can outrun The Beast…


Description for Book 2: Implanted

After a narrow escape from the city of Impervious, Fran’s heart aches for the ones she left behind. Will her brother ever connect the dots? And, what about Pete? Could he, along with the remaining Rebels, have survived the Council’s violent oppression?

As Fran ponders the fate of her friends, an even more disturbing revelation drops into her world—the knowledge that she, along with anyone who had lived underground remains implanted with the sinister presence of the Council. A fate rendering her powerless to save.

Yet one with pure blood, untouched by the Council’s defiling, lives among them. Could he be the new lifeline of hope? Is salvation of the city worth risking the life of this one-and-only?

I won’t lie… it’s the cover for the second book that drew me in more than anything else. XD When I read the description I was less intrigued, but the description for the FIRST BOOK — WOAH. Okay. Where do I sign up to start reading??

Anyone read it yet? Thoughts? Reactions?


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