Book Haul: …Which Is Bigger Than Big Because It’s Two Month’s Worth (Aha… ha)

Book Haul mania, guys! Truthfully, I wish I could say I’ve gotten the chance to read through most of these already… but, in fact, I’ve barely looked at them since purchasing/being gifted/winning/ requesting/or otherwise receiving them. 8D

As the title suggests, this haul is extra, EXTRA large because it’s a compilation of this month AND last month’s haul. (Maybe even a bit of the month before??? IDK WOW I’M SO BEHIND HAHAHAhaha… ehh… crap.)

Nevertheless, here we are! 😀

Definitely lemme know if any of them catch your eye or if you’ve read any of these titles yourself. I get the feeling that most of these are going to be pretty good-if-not-FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC-ONES, so I’d love to get some feedback if you’ve read and enjoyed ’em. (Or if you hated ’em, tell me why!)

As always , the links will take you to their GoodReads or NetGalley page, so if you’re interested, click away to read the description~~




Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio
The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun Hutchinson
Running With The Wind (Mermen of Ea, #3) by Shira Anthony
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
The King of Forever (Scarlet and the White Wolf, #4) by Kirby Crow
A Boy And His Dragon (Beings In Love, #2) by R. Cooper
The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs, Kelly Bastow (Illustrator)
The Legend of the Ditto Twins by Jerry Douglas
The Brothers Bishop by Bart Yates

dividerFOR REVIEW or ARCs

Another Day (Every Day, #2) by David Levithan
The Dinosaur Lords (The Dinosaur Lords, #1) by Victor Milan
Penn’s Woodland by David Connor
The Long Journey Home by Cassandra Pierce
The Homecoming by J. Scott Coatsworth
Dangerous Concoctions (Curvy Assignments, #2) by Victoria Bright
Everything You And I Could Have Been If We Weren’t You And I (Todo Lo Que Podriamos Haber Sido Tu Y Yo Si No Fueramos Tu Y Yo)  by Albert Espinosa
Hunter of Demons (SPECTR, #1) by Jordan L. Hawk
A Neophyte’s Tale (Netherwalker, #.05) by CK Dawn
The Dragon’s Curse by Victoria Zagar
The Crying Game by Kol Anderson
Alien Love by Stan Schatt
A Boy Called Cin by Cecil Wilde
Misery’s Way: A Kit Colbana World Story (Colbana Files #4.5) by J. C. Daniels
The King’s Sword by C. J. Brightley
Prodigal (The Lost Imperials #2) by Tyler Jolley &Sherry D. Ficklin
Scarred Souls by T. T. Kove
Seventh by Rachel White
The Harem Master (Tales of Tavamara, #3) by Megan Derr
Stormbringer (Book of Wyrd, #2) by Alis Franklin
The Australian by Lesley Young
Lilliput by Sam Gayton, Alice Ratteree (Illustrator)
Picturing The Apocalypse by Natasha & Anthony O’Hear
Archimedes Nesselrode by Justine Graykin
Saronna’s Gift by Carmen Webster Buxton
The Society of the Preservation of C. J. Henderson
Corrupts Absolutely?: Dark Metahuman Fiction edited by Lincoln Crisler
Transcendence by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Earthrise (Her Instruments, #1) by M.C.A. Hogarth
Cold Faith by Shaune Lafferty Webb
It’s Like This by Anne O’Gleadra
Like Stolen Pearl by Talya Andor
Drifter Volume 1: Out of the Night by Ivan Brandon
Twisted Dark, Volume 1 by Neil Gibson
Twisted Dark, Volume 2 by Neil Gibson
Twisted Dark, Volume 3
by Neil Gibson
Wayward, Vol. 1: String Theory by Jim Zub
Behind Story (Volume #1) by Narae Ahn
October Faction Volume 1 (October Faction, #1) by Steve Niles
A Glance Backward by Tony Sandoval
Let’s Eat Ramen and Other Doujinshi Short Stories by Nagumo
Spread, Vol. 1: No Hope by Justin Jordan
Robert Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert Lazaro



Omorphi (Hope, #1) by C. Kennedy


Soulless by T. Baggins
The Mussel Eater by Octavia Cade
In Her Head, In Her Eyes by Yukimi Ogawa
Hunting Monsters by S. L. Huang

Ten Count [1] [2] by Rihito Takarai
Dia Game by Kotora Byaku
Tsume to Toge by Tooko Miyagi
HAL by Makano Aoi
Dramatical Murder 1 by Nitro+CHiRAL
Ai to Kairaku no Jouken by Kanda Neko
Shuuten Unknown [1] [2] by Sugiura Shiho
Torikago Syndrome [1] [2] by Samamiya Akaza
5 CATS by Amatu Risa
Sakabu no Oujisama by Shushushu Sakurai
Karen by Yamada Shiro & Kaoru Iwamoto


A big thanks to all the publishers and authors for these proofs and galleys!


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