Sometimes you never know what you’ll find as definitions for a common, everyday word. This one is just killing me right now:



1. pay debt

transitive and intransitive verb : to pay a debt or other financial obligation

2. shut down business

transitive and intransitive verb : to shut down a business, paying off its liabilities from its assets, or cease trading as a business in this way

3. cash assets

transitive verb : to turn assets into cash

4. kill somebody

transitive verb : to kill or dispose of somebody


Now I really just want to go up to somebody and say, “Imma liquidate your ass”

I need someone to actually react like I’m the one insane or just look at me and say, “What the hell, man?” XDDD


What’s your word of the day? Or… what word has seemingly become stuck in your brain for no reason whatsoever? Where did you find it? What sentence was it used in?

My word was in a script I was working on and I just couldn’t get over the usage of it so I went to look it up. Lo and behold I found an interesting take on a word I thought I knew but found out I really didn’t. At least… not entirely.

So how about you? Talk to me, guys! I’m really curious if anyone else has had such an experience today or recently~~


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